How to claim a euromillions prize

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Tickets Purchased Outside the UK

It is only possible to collect a EuroMillions prize in the country where the ticket was purchased. Players who purchased an entry in another country must return there to claim their money. Below are the details for the length of time before prizes expire in each of the other eight participating countries:

Country Tickets Are Valid For EuroMillions Operator
Austria 3 years Österreichische Lotterien
Belgium 140 days Nationale Loterij
France 60 days FDJ
Ireland 90 days Irish National Lottery
Luxembourg 60 days Loterie Nationale Luxembourg
Portugal 90 days Jogos Santa Casa
Spain 90 days Loterías y Apuestas del Estado
Switzerland 180 days Swisslos

Small prizes will be redeemable from any authorised retailer in the country. If you win a larger amount, or even the jackpot, then you will need to contact that country’s official operator for advice.


Only three of the nine participating countries charge taxes on lottery winnings:

  • Spain — Prizes of €40,000 or more are taxed at 20%
  • Switzerland — A 35% tax is owed on any winnings worth over CHF1 million
  • Portugal — Prize amounts over €5,000 are taxed at 20%

Œuvres caritatives en Suisse

Il y a deux opérateurs de loterie officiels en Suisse : Swisslos et Loterie Romande. Swisslos soutient des programmes sportifs nationaux, l’équipe olympique et l’accès de la jeunesse au football, tout en se concentrant également sur les cantons germanophones de Suisse et du Tessin, à travers des secteurs comme la culture, le sport, les questions sociales et l’environnement. Loterie Romande soutient les œuvres de charité dans les cantons francophones, notamment dans les domaines du sport, du social, de l’éducation, de la santé, de la culture, de la recherche, du patrimoine, de l’environnement et du tourisme.

Online Winners

Amount Won How to Claim
Up to £500 Prizes up to £500 are paid directly into your National Lottery account.
£501 — £30,000 This is paid to the debit card associated with your National Lottery account, but you need to confirm the payment should be made before it can be issued.
£30,001 — £50,000 Contact the National Lottery Customer Care team on 0333 234 44 33 and quote your ticket number. You will be paid either by cheque or directly into your bank account.
£50,001 and over Contact the National Lottery Customer Care team on 0333 234 44 33 and quote your ticket number. Once your claim has been verified, you must collect your winnings in person. The National Lottery reserves the right to choose whether to issue your payment as a cheque or bank transfer.

Direct Debit and Pingit

For players who pay by Direct Debit, prizes of up to £50,000 are directly transferred into the bank or building society account associated with the payment. Pingit prizes are paid into your Pingit account. For sums worth more than £50,000, you must contact the Customer Care Team to arrange the receipt of your winnings.

Syndicates and Subscriptions

If you joined an online syndicate, or chose your EuroMillions numbers online through, then you will receive any prizes directly into your private account. For larger amounts, you will need to contact their support team to arrange collection of your winnings.

Good Causes by Country

View information about Good Causes for the following EuroMillions countries:


In the UK, 28p from every £1 spent on National Lottery games, including EuroMillions, is set aside for good causes. More than £40 billion has been raised since the National Lottery began, with over £30 million per week being added to the Good Causes Fund.

More than half a million awards have been granted to projects across the UK, and the figure keeps rising sharply each year. The funds collected are distributed by a number of bodies, covering four main categories – Sports, Arts, Heritage, and Health Education, Environment and Charitable Causes.

The money is split proportionally as set out by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport:


Österreichische Lotterien, which runs EuroMillions in Austria, has been sponsoring good causes under the motto of ‘good for Austria’ since 1986. Austria’s Olympic and Paralympic Committees have been backed by funds raised through lottery games in Austria. A range of other humanitarian and research projects have also benefited, while money has been raised to help the protection of pandas, lynx and bearded vultures.


The Belgian National Lottery is committed to helping various good causes and offers grants and sponsorships to a host of projects. A total of €185.3 million was made available for public service grants in 2016, split between 61.95% for humanitarian and social work, 27.44% for donations to the community, 6.5% for culture, 2.92% for sport and 1.19% for science.


Française des Jeux, the French National Lottery, is committed to developing athletes with sponsorship programmes, providing social support through sport and helping disabled people access sports. It achieves these aims through funds from games like EuroMillions, which are distributed by the lottery’s foundation. The company also sponsors the Française des Jeux professional cycling team, which was founded in 1997.


More than €5 billion has been raised for good causes since the Irish National Lottery began in 1987, and approximately 30% of the funds generated from games such as EuroMillions are donated to worthy projects. The money is distributed across the country, supporting local initiatives and larger organisations such as the CROCUS Centre for people with cancer, the Dyslexia Association and the Asthma Society.


The net profit on all Luxembourg lottery games, including EuroMillions, is donated to good causes in the fields of health, sport, culture, social issues and the environment. The Nationale Grande-Duchesse Charlotte is responsible for distributing the grants on behalf of the lottery and has awarded almost €220 million to date, with beneficiaries including the Luxembourg Red Cross, the National Cultural Fund.


The Portuguese Department of Games runs lotteries such as EuroMillions and donates the majority of net income to government departments who distribute the funds in the areas of health, sport, culture and social issues. Of the money provided for beneficiaries across Portugal and its islands, 28% is pledged to Santa Casa Misericordia de Lisboa, a charity dating from the 15th century which runs hospitals and other health centres, as well as supporting a wide range of other projects.


Loterias y Apuestas del Estado allocates its profits to an array of good causes devoted to social issues, sport, culture, education and the environment. Some of the charitable organisations to benefit from funds from EuroMillions and other lottery games are the Spanish Association Against Cancer, the Olympic Sports Association and San Ildefonso Primary School.


There are two official lottery operators in Switzerland — Swisslos and Loterie Romande. Swisslos supports national sports programmes such as the Olympic team and youth development in football, whilst also focusing on the German-speaking cantons of Switzerland and Ticino across sectors such as culture, sport, social issues and the environment. Loterie Romande provides support for good causes in the French-speaking cantons, benefiting the areas of sport, social action, education, health, culture, research, heritage, the environment and tourism.

Œuvres caritatives au Royaume-Uni

Au Royaume-Uni, pour chaque livre dépensée dans des jeux de la loterie nationale, dont l’EuroMillions, 28 pences sont reversés à des causes nobles. Plus de 37 milliards de livres ont été levées depuis la création de la loterie nationale, avec plus de 30 millions de livres ajoutées chaque semaine aux fonds réservés à des causes nobles.

Plus d’un demi-million de gains ont été reversés à des projets partout dans le Royaume-uni, et les chiffres augmentent nettement d’année en année. Les fonds recueillis sont distribués par différentes entités couvrant quatre catégories principales : sport ; art ; patrimoine ; santé, environnement et œuvres caritatives.

L’argent est divisé proportionnellement comme défini par le département de la culture, des médias et du sport.

Tickets Bought in Person

For both the main EuroMillions draw, and the additional HotPicks game, you can claim any winnings by following the procedures outlined below.

Amount Won How to Claim
Up to £100 Take your ticket to any authorised retailer and have it scanned by a member of staff. Successful entries produce a ‘win sound’ and a receipt will be produced which will tell you the value of your prize.
£101 — £500 Some retailers can pay out amounts of up to £500 in cash at their discretion, but they are not obliged to do so. If a retailer cannot pay you can either return at an agreed time, go to another retailer or visit a designated National Lottery Post Office. However, if the retailer has already validated your ticket, you will have to return to the same establishment when they have the funds available.
£501 — £50,000 Visit a National Lottery Post Office or a regional payout centre and complete a claim form. Winnings will be paid by cheque, although Post Offices can issue up to £500 in cash out of any prize won.Any winnings of up to £50,000 can also be redeemed by post. Players must write their name and address on the back of their ticket and complete a claim form for prizes over £5,000. The postal address is: The National Lottery, Accounts Department, PO Box 287, Watford, WD18 9TT.
£50,001 and over Contact the National Lottery directly by ringing 0333 234 50 50. Upon completing a claim form and presenting a valid form on identification, prizes can be received at an agreed location.

For more information about affiliated Post Offices and Regional Centres, visit the main UK Lottery Claims page.

Methods of redeeming non-cash prizes, such as those awarded on Mega Week draws, will be detailed in the specific rules created for the individual draw.

Diese Hilfsabschnitte könnten Ihnen ebenfalls nützlich sein:

Verlorene und beschädigte Spielscheine

Wenn Sie Ihren Spielschein verlieren oder diesen so sehr beschädigen, dass er nicht mehr gelesen oder gescannt werden kann, sollten Sie sich an Ihren Lotteriebetreiber wenden, um sich über weiteres Vorgehen zu informieren. Wenn Sie einen Gewinnschein haben, der verloren gegangen ist oder beschädigt wurde, müssen Sie diesen so schnell wie möglich nach der gewonnenen Ziehung melden, da Ihr Anspruch möglicherweise für ungültig erklärt wird, wenn Sie ihn zu spät abgeben.

Die Kontaktdaten der schweizerischen, österreichischen, belgischen und luxemburgischen Lotteriebetreiber finden Sie oben.

Preise anfordern

Es gibt unterschiedliche Verfahren, um Preise von EuroMillions anzufordern, wobei es darauf ankommt, wie viel Sie gewinnen, ob Ihr Teilnahmebeitrag im Geschäft oder online erworben wurde und in welchem Land der Spielschein gekauft wurde. Kleinere Gewinne können in der Regel bei den Lottoannahmestellen geltend gemacht werden, während größere Gewinne bei einem regionalen Büro oder der Lotto-Zentrale geltend gemacht werden müssen.

Besuchen Sie die Seite So fordern Sie Ihren Gewinn ein und erfahren Sie alles, was Sie über die Anforderung von EuroMillions-Preisen in den einzelnen teilnehmenden Ländern wissen müssen.

In anderen EuroMillions-Ländern gekaufte Spielscheine

Die Preise von EuroMillions können nur in demselben Land angefordert werden, in dem der Gewinnschein gekauft wurde. Wenn Sie zum Beispiel einen Schein in Spanien kaufen, können Sie keine Preise, die Sie damit gewonnen haben, in der Schweiz einfordern und umgekehrt.

Wenn Sie mit einem EuroMillions-Schein, den Sie in einem anderen Land gekauft haben, einen Preis gewinnen, müssen Sie sich mit dem Lotterieanbieter des Landes in Verbindung setzen, um herauszufinden, ob Sie andere Vorkehrungen treffen können, um den Preis anzufordern — beachten Sie bitte, dass dies im Ermessen des verkaufenden Lotteriebetreibers liegt. Besuchen Sie die entsprechende Seite für die Teilnahme an EuroMillions im Ausland, um die Kontaktdaten der jeweiligen Lotterieanbieter in den teilnehmenden Ländern zu finden.

Erkennung eines Lotteriebetrugs

Lotteriebetrug ist heutzutage leider sehr verbreitet, allerdings gibt es zwei goldene Regeln, die Sie sich merken sollten, um sich davor zu schützen:

  • Sie können keinen Preis in einer Lotterie gewinnen, an der Sie nicht teilgenommen haben. Wenn Sie jemals benachrichtigt werden, weil Sie einen Preis in einer Lotterie gewonnen haben, an der Sie nicht teilgenommen haben, handelt es sich um einen Betrug.
  • Keine rechtmäßige Lotterieorganisation würde Ihnen für die Auszahlung Ihres Preisgeldes eine Vorabgebühr abverlangen. Auch hier gilt es, dass jede Nachricht, die eine Gebühr zur „Freigabe“ eines Lotteriegewinns verlangt, ein Betrug ist.

Gehen Sie zur Seite Betrugsfälle, um weitere Informationen über diese Art von Betrug zu erhalten, darunter auch andere Möglichkeiten zur Erkennung von Lotterie-Betrugsfällen.

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