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Don't use landing page redirects

There are no redirects on your page. Learn more about avoiding use landing page redirects.

Discard plugins

Your site does not use Plugins, therefore the content is available to the widest possible range of users

Learn More About The Importance Of Avoiding Plugins.

Customize the viewing area

Your page sets the view to fit your device, which allows it to display correctly on all devices. Learn more about customizing viewports.

Enable compression

Compressing resources with gzip or deflate can save data, transmitted over the network.

Use browser cache

By setting expiration date or maximum age in HTTP headers for static resources, the browser will download the previously acquired resources from the local disk, not over the network.

Reduce server response times

Your server responded quickly

Learn more about server response time optimization.

Minify CSS

Compressing CSS code can reduce the amount of data, to speed up loading and processing.

Shorten the HTML code

HTML code minified. Learn more about shortening HTML code.

Abbreviate JavaScript Code

Compressing JavaScript Code Can Reduce Data, to speed up loading, processing and execution.

Eliminate JavaScript and CSS at the top of the page

On your page 4 blocking scripts and 4 blocking CSS resources. This causes a delay in rendering your page.

Optimize images

The correct format and compression of images can reduce their size.

Optimize your visible content

Your top of the page is optimized for fast display. Learn more about compression.

Content size for viewport

Page content fits in the viewport. Learn more about viewport content.

Use human-readable font sizes

Some links and buttons on the pages of your site may be too small for the user, to easily tap on the touch screen. Consider a responsive area, to provide the best user experience.

Use human-readable font sizes

Text on page Learn more about using human-readable font sizes.

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