Lottery winners and their mistakes

Australian lotteries

Types of tickets

Lottery "Gosloto 6 of 36 "keeps pace with the times, therefore, nowadays it is possible to purchase not only paper tickets familiar to everyone, there are also virtual analogues on sale.

Electronic lottery tickets

Electronic tickets on the website
To purchase a virtual lottery ticket, you need to use a mobile phone. If the user is lucky, and his ticket will be winning, a corresponding notification will be sent to his phone number. You can get a reward at the point of issue of prizes

There you will need to tell the employee the secret code, previously sent by SMS.

Important! Players should know one nuance. You can buy virtual tickets exclusively for the next draw

for example, if the nearest draw is 235, then the ticket can only be bought for it. Purchase for the 236th draw will not be available.

Paper tickets

Paper tickets on sale
Adherents of the classics may still prefer the paper version.. When buying them, the player does not need to have his own phone number. To receive the prize, you will need to present a ticket, which became the prize. If the winning amount exceeds 2000 rubles, then the lottery rules provide for the presentation of a passport at the point of issue of prizes. Paper tickets can be purchased for future editions.

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