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Learning about the varieties of sports lotto betting and the most common strategies, now we have to find out, how to make a bet. Everybody knows, that in order to bet on the Internet you need to register at a bookmaker's office, and now we will tell, how to do it.

Bookmaker selection and registration

Now the gambling market is represented by dozens of bookmakers, and giving preference to a particular option is extremely problematic. All betting operators are good, but if we want to make money with lottery bets, the company we need must meet a number of criteria:

Be legal. Today, a license from the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation is an indicator of the honesty and reliability of an office., therefore, you should stop the choice only on legal bookmakers;

Maintain major payment systems. A wide range of methods for depositing and withdrawing funds is a sign of a good bookmaker

Pay attention, does the company work with bank cards, electronic wallets, mobile operators, terminals, etc.;

Have a wide painting. At the beginning of the article, we mentioned, that in modern realities bets on lotteries are present in almost all offices

However, the quality of painting differs from operators, so you should register there, where lotto offers the most markets and betting options.

All of the above criteria are met by the bookmaker 1xBet. Creating an account starts with visiting the company's website: once on the main page, click on the "Register" button. A form will open in front of you, an example of which can be found below.


By creating an account in the CUPIS, You have to go through identification. This can be done directly in the PPP 1xBet., presenting the passport to the employee of the department. If there are no betting points of the company in your city, alternatively, identification is possible in the Euroset showroom or CONTACT office.

Confirming identity, make a deposit in any way convenient for you. The minimum amount to replenish an account in the bookmaker office 1xBet is equal to 50 rubles. After placing an interactive bet, find the "Lottery" in the line, which is located on the main page of the site on the left. You will see a list of lottery events sorted by country, and now we will tell, how to correctly approach their choice for a bet.

Event selection and analysis

First you need to decide on the national lotteries, with which you have to work. You can focus on both one state, so bet on the lotto results of other countries. Practice shows, that for effective earnings it is enough to stay in one country, for example - Russia. Gosloto takes place at 15 minute intervals, which creates excellent opportunities for frequent betting.

We recommend giving preference to specific markets, and not lotteries. After reviewing the list of outcomes in the bookmaker, decide, which of them can be "adjusted" to financial strategies. Forecasting and studying statistics is, of course, well, however sports lotto is more like a casino. The only difference is, what are we for everything 100% confident, that the institution will not leave us in a fool and the game is fair.

Choosing a strategy

Having decided on the markets, you can safely select game systems for them. Flat game is suitable for outcomes with high traffic, that is those, whose quotes do not exceed the mark 1.7. Guessing more 54% bet results, this scheme will lead you to profit. For higher odds, it is preferable to use Dogon.

Beginner bettors are recommended to start with Flat. Dogon is too aggressive strategy: in order to feel tangible results from using it, a prerequisite is having a large bankroll. Although fixed bet sizes do not allow you to earn much, but during the use of tactics you will gain invaluable experience in playing lotteries, and you can also select the most traversed markets.

Beginners can use Dogon only if, when they reached high rates in flat betting. for example, if the user does not lose more than three times in a row on the market "The highest dropped ball is even", you can safely practice betting Dogon.

Underwater rocks

Having carefully studied the above material, do not rush to make your first bet on the results of the lottery. You have to learn about the pitfalls, who can get in the way of every player, who chose sports lotto as a discipline for betting:

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