Top 10 lotteries in which to win

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The primitive

Spanish game La Primitiva ("The Primitive") opens the top ten most successful lotteries. The history of La Primitiva begins with 1736 of the year, when was the first draw. The organizer has an excellent reputation, who has never been convicted of fraud. All winnings have been regularly paid to the winners for several centuries.. Not only a Spanish citizen can become a participant in a gambling event, but any inhabitant of the planet. To do this, it will be enough to purchase a ticket online. Only older persons are allowed to participate 18 years, otherwise the winnings will be forfeited. The minimum jackpot amount is 1,5 million USD. During the entire existence of La Primitiva, the most successful lucky ones became owners of amounts 24 million. euros (2005 year); 2,5 million euros (2008 year) and 4,53 million. euros (2009 year). Before buying a ticket online, you need to be confident in the reputation of intermediaries, since on the Internet you can face scammers. For, to become the owner of the main prize - jackpot, you need to match on your ticket 6 numbers from 49. For other prizes, will be sufficient, if it matches 3, 4 or 5 numbers.


Mega Millions

Mega Millions (Mega Millions) - one of the US government lotteries and the most reliable. Mega Millions в 2012 year became the record holder among other lotteries in the entire history of gambling. It is happened, thanks to the jackpot, the sum of which was 656 million dollars. In order to become the owner of a tidy sum, the participant must guess 5 numbers of fifty in one game card and 1 number of 46 in the second. Secondary prize winners are those, who could guess 5, 4 and 3 figures. Mega Millions runs twice a week draw, and anyone can take part.

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