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What a ticket looks like 406 of the Housing Lottery Draw?

Seeing tickets for the same circulation with different images on them, many participants have a reasonable question, what do the tickets for the drawing actually look like? 406 of the Housing Lottery Draw, That will take place 6 september 2020 of the year?

The players' question is quite expected since, that there are several ticket options available for regular runs (depends on the area, the end, republics of ticket purchase), not to mention memorable dates and holiday draws.

Draw your attention to, all tickets purchased from official distributors of Stoloto are real and participate in 406 circulation, regardless of the picture on it, even those of tickets, where the circulation number is not printed. We have posted the most common design option for sale, but there may be several!

Prizes 406 of the Housing Lottery draw for 06.09.2020

Now about the prizes 406 of the State Housing Lottery Draw, who will find their owners 6 september 2020 of the year. According to a long-established tradition, the prize of the first round is 210 thousand rubles.

From the 2nd round, the drawing starts at least 10 country houses, after which the distribution of the remaining prize fund will begin. This time the rally will end on move 88, what to allow every 2nd ticket to win. The probability of winning is calculated on the basis of the total number of tickets sold in all regions of Russia, including the official website of Stoloto, and not on the specific number of tickets you bought.

You will also be given another opportunity with 10 moves to get the Housing Lottery Super Prize guaranteed by Stoloto, which are 500 million rubles.

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