Math vs luck. how to calculate lottery winnings

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How to really win the lottery?

There are about so many strategies and ways to win the lottery, how many lottery participants themselves. Each of the participants is confident, that he has the right strategy, it's just not yet his time. Mathematically, all right, all strategies in lotteries have a significant chance of winning.

Nonetheless, there are several methods, who are capable of these chances even slightly, but increase.

TOP 3 ways to win the lottery

  1. Lucky combination. This is the easy way, which will require the minimum amount of effort from you. Just pick a lucky combination and bet on it in every draw. Sooner or later, this combination should play according to the theory of probability. There are cases in history, when they bet on such combinations for years and ultimately won.
  2. Purchase of tickets for distribution runs. Lottery organizers are required to conduct a distribution draw at least once a year, when large sums are played, which have not been previously played. In this case, the winnings will be divided between the participants of the current draw., the cost of the ticket does not change.
  3. Thinking differently. Most players pick numbers, which are associated with memorable dates, это сокращает количество вариантов в пределах от 1 to 30-31, and the rest of the numbers are most often not used. If there are several winners, then the prizes will be split between them. That is, the gain for each will be less. The same goes for "lucky numbers" - 3, 7, 14. Superstitious people refuse to choose numbers 6, 13, 66, according to statistics, even numbers are more often chosen, than odd. Besides, чаще всего выбирают числа вначале строке и те, which are not adjacent. If you take into account all these standard features of thinking and do the opposite, then the chances of winning a decent prize are greatly increased.

Russian lotto

it, probably, the most popular lottery for today. The rules in it are quite simple and similar to the board game in "Russian Lotto", which is familiar to everyone from childhood. Each participant chooses a ticket with a combination of 30 figures from 1 to 90. Next, the presenter gradually takes out of the bag kegs with numbers, to be deleted. That ticket wins, who crosses out first 5, 15 and 30 card number.

How to increase your chances of winning Russian Lotto:

By purchasing multiple tickets, pay attention to that, so that the numbers in them do not repeat,
Buying tickets online, you have the opportunity to independently choose combinations of numbers on the ticket,
Feel the circulation, where the "Kubyshka" is played.

The slogan 5 of 36

The rules are generally similar to the previous lottery, you just need to guess 5 figures from 36. В игре разыгрывается сразу два супеприза еженедельно. Шансы на выигрыш так же увеличивает развернутая ставка, in addition, players can choose the number of draws themselves, in which the selected ticket will play (to 20) .

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