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Rules of the game

The ticket price is equal to one euro for two bets.

Need to guess 6 numbers from 90. If the player guesses everything 6, he gets the jackpot. In addition to the jackpot, the SuperEnaLotto lottery provides 5 prize categories.

Jolly number gives those players an extra chance, who guessed 5 rooms. If they also guess Jolly's number, they are awarded the prize of the higher category "5 + 1". Jolly number affects all winnings, except for the jackpot.

To win a prize in one of the categories, you need to guess at least 3 combination numbers. The chance to win in the respective prize tiers is as follows:

Matches Chance to win
6 1 of 622.614.630
5 + Jolly Room 1 of 103.769.105
5 1 of 1.250.230
4 1 of 11.907
3 1 of 327

Super Star Room is an additional, you also need to pay for it separately. According to the old rules, this number corresponded to the first number, drawn in the national lottery in Rome (National Wheel). Under the new rules, this number is drawn separately regardless of the common numbers and the "Jolly" number. It means, that the "Super-Star" number can match one of the winning combination numbers, which increases the player's chance for a cash prize.

For the national lottery with millions of prizes, The SuperEnaLotto lottery is one of the most difficult to win a jackpot, based on probabilities, listed in the table above. Призовой фонд составляют лишь 34,648 % прибыли от продаж, the rest of the money goes to the state needs of Italy.

SuperEnalotto jackpots can reach very large amounts, since there is no restriction on their accumulation. Also, the lottery is especially attractive to players, as winnings are tax-free and winners have the option to receive their prize in a lump sum or in annual payments.

At the time of the creation of the lottery, the minimum ticket price was 1600 Italian lira for two bets, further the price rose to 1900 Lear. Today, the minimum ticket price is 1 euros.


Initially, the Italian Lotto existed under the name Enalotto beginning with 1950 years. IN 1997 year SISAL has carried out a lottery reform, as a result of which the modern Italian lottery was created SuperEnaLotto.

Up to 30 june 2009 of the year, the winning SuperEnaLotto combination was made up of the first drawn lottery numbers Lotomatics (Lottomatica) in the cities of Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome in order. / First issue, fallen in Venice, became the number "Jolly" (Jolly). If the first number, elongated in a certain city, was already present in combination, его заменял второй вытянутый номер — и так далее. The system allowed a negligible chance of, that the numbers of two cities can be the same, in this case, duplicate numbers might appear in the combination, and the jackpot would be impossible to win.

Beginning with 1 july 2009 year lottery numbers are drawn regardless of the Lotomatic draw. 6 main numbers and the Jolly number are drawn in one print run, "Super Star" room is pulled out separately.

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