50 important tips for those, who goes to sri lanka

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Day 1 / Ella / We conquer the mountains

Breakfast: toast with avocado, egg and salad + branded cold coffee

400 rubles

Intercept something at the supermarket

200 rubles

Kandy-Elle Express Train

100 rubles

Traveler's snack: samosa and tea

60 rubles

Dinner: vegetable soup

350 rubles

Tuk-tuk to the parking lot of the Nine Arch Bridge

100 rubles

View Ravana's Cave

40 rubles and about a hundred calories when lifting

Take a look at the temple, which 2000 years

donation - 40 rubles

Dinner: Sri Lankan rice and 10 curry in banana leaf + cocktail

700 rubles


  • It's hard to find a hearty breakfast cafe in Kandy, but it, yet, yes - Cafe Secret Alley.
  • We leave for the station, buying a ticket for the familiar Kandy-Badulla train (Kandy-Badulla). We'll have to go to Ella (She). The route will take 6 hours, but this is the most beautiful road, believe me! Forests await you on the way, the mountains, ovaries, hamlets, lakes, temples ... and, of course, Sri Lankan atmosphere. We take tickets to the second class. It is at the beginning of the train. And don't forget to run into the supermarket and grab a snack..
  • When traveling, try to push through tourists to the door (and you thought, that the only ones ride the train?), to take photos. You will see, if I may say so, bar - buy samosa there (fried pies with potatoes) and tea. We promise, don't get poisoned.
  • Go to one of the cafes near the station for a snack. Check into your hotel and travel to the Nine Arch Bridge (9 Arch Bridge). This is one of the main attractions of Ella and the largest bridge in Sri Lanka. If you're lucky, you can catch a passing train on it.
  • We go to the caves Ravana's Cave. Long uphill climb ahead. And the accompanying, likely, there will be local dogs. You will not be lost.
  • Coming down from the mountain, walk a couple of hundred meters to the right, there will be an old temple in the rock. They say, that there is a tunnel inside, presenter in Kandy and Colombo. A barefoot boy will surely run to see you off. Seems free, but the boy will clearly hint at the donation.
  • At dusk, the city will revive and fill with European tourists. We go to Cafe Chill - the most popular place in the city.


  • Cafe Secret Alley — 10/1/1/1, Kotugodalla Street, Kandy.
  • All attractions of Ella can be found on the map.
  • Cafe Chill — Wellawaya-Ella-Kumbalwela Highway, She.

Mobile operators in Sri Lanka

Operator Owner Number of subscribers


Axiata Group Berhad

9 million.


Sri Lanka Telecom PLC 7 million.


Emirates Corporation 5 million.


Hutchison Whampoa Limited 4 million.


Bharti Airtel Limited 2 million.

Market share distribution between operators in Sri Lanka

According to statistics, Dialog is the largest mobile operator in Sri Lanka, she owns 35% cellular market. Its two main competitors are Mobitel, whose market share is about 27% and Etisalat holds a slightly more modest volume – 17%. Younger companies have less market share of mobile operators Hutch – 14% и Airtel – 7%.


After Ella, there is a hard way to the coast. Unfortunately, the train does not go to the coast from here, and making the return detour through Colombo is a waste of precious time. You can take Uber or take city bus 31 (Bandaravela-Matara), feel the atmosphere.

Things to do

  • Walk along Cape Dondra, on which stands the temple of the god Vishnu. This and a Hindu sanctuary, and a functioning seaport with a majestic white lighthouse.
  • Swim to Crowe Island. Take a walk in the wild, if you are with children - go to the Crow Island Beach Park.
  • Visit Vecherahena Temple. Residents built it underground, to pray in secret from the colonialists, and later a large statue of Buddha was placed outside.
  • Stroll through the calm, unlike many others on the island, Matari beach.

Bus ticket price 31 from Ella to Matara - 2$. Better to leave early in the morning, since the travel time is five hours. An Uber ride will cost about 90$, you can find fellow travelers and divide the amount. Better to leave early in the morning, to be in Matara during the day, spend the rest of the day in the city and travel to Mirissa late at night.


On the world map

На каждом шагу продаются лотерейные билеты.

Lottery tickets are sold at every turn.

Electric cabinets are wrapped in mesh, чтобы на них не вешали афиши и объявления.

Electrical boxes are wrapped with wire mesh to prevent flyering and bill posting.

Traffic lights.

A traffic light.


An intersection.

The markings in front of the zebra are made in a zigzag, how in , or .

Traffic lane markings turn into zigzags at the approach to a zebra crossing, like in , or .

curious, что почти на каждом здании в центре висит кафельная плитка с логотипом всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО.

Interestingly, almost every building downtown bears a tile with the UNESCO World Heritage logo.

Moreover, all these houses are disfigured in the most mediocre way by advertising., накладными щитами и стеклопакетами.

Yet all of these buildings have been disgracefully mutilated with ads, stuck-on panels and insulated window units.

A request to be decorous.

Please observe propriety at all times.


The city.

Табло на вокзале.

A passenger information display at the train station.

Tourist office.

A tourist office.

Самая интересная деталь в Канди — бумажка еженощного обхода магазинов охраной. Восемь раз за ночь вохровец должен поставить свою подпись на бумажке, приклеенной рядом с дверью магазина, confirming, что ничего не случилось.

The most interesting detail in Kandy is the paper nightly security log. Eight times a night, a paramilitary security officer must sign the piece of paper glued on the wall next to the shop door to confirm that nothing happened.

Transport: other means of transportation

  1. Okay, finished with tuk-tuk! It's not the only way to get around. In big cities, like Colombo and Kandy, much easier to use Uber and Peak Mi apps (Pick Me). Peak Mee - local variant of Uber, and in addition to cars, you can order a tuk-tuk from them. It's better to order in advance, since the car can come through 15-20 minutes. But in general, it is much more convenient, than catching knock knock on the road, no need to bargain. The price for the trip will not be much more expensive, than in a tuk-tuk, which you catch on the street.
  2. Another way to get around is by buses. I do not recommend using the buses in Colombo, especially at rush hour. I drove them for a whole year on my first visit to the island., nothing too scary, of course, won't happen, but someone can try to "accidentally" snuggle or touch the causal places. Better to spend money and catch a knock knock or order an uber. On the other hand, You can and should travel from city to city by bus, especially if you are traveling on a budget. Comfortable buses run in several directions in Sri Lanka. for example, from Maharagama (suburb of Colombo) in Halle (Goll) and from Colombo to Jaffna. These buses have comfortable seats and air conditioning.. The rest of the buses are pretty simple, without air conditioning and often without a seat. There's a possibility, that all the way you have to stand, but cheap.
  3. It is convenient to travel long distances by train. The most beautiful views from the train are, when you drive through the highlands (Candy, Nuwara Eliya, Ella). You can buy a ticket right before the trip, but usually only in third grade, which means, без посадочного места. If you're lucky, sit down, if not, you will ride on the floor in the vestibule, which is actually not so bad, how does it sound. Doors to carriages are not closed, so you can sit in the opening, dangling legs, overlooking the mountains. If you want to buy a second class ticket (with guaranteed place) or to first grade (with air conditioning), you need to take care of tickets in advance. Either buy all tickets immediately upon arrival in Sri Lanka or order them through a travel agency before arriving on the island.
  4. Another common way to get around the island is by car with a driver. Sounds very pretentious, but in fact it is not that expensive, as it may seem, especially if you are traveling with friends and can split the cost. You can remove it like a small car, and mini bus. It will be cheaper without air conditioning. There is also an option to rent only a car or a car with a driver, and I recommend the second option, because…
  5. ... because the traffic rules in Sri Lanka are only in theory, but in practice everyone creates, what he wants. I have enough stress even in the passenger seat. I wouldn't want an enemy to drive a car on the island. So if you come to rest, it is better to entrust the driving to the local.
  6. Since Sri Lanka is very small, there is practically no space between cities and villages. As soon as one city ends, тут же начинается другой. When I first went to Nuwara Eliya, then everything was waiting, when will we leave Colombo and forests and fields will begin. I waited for two hours and thought, Wow, what columbo is huge! Until someone explained, that in two hours we have already traveled a dozen different cities. A little life hack, to understand, where exactly are you: look at the signs of shops and restaurants. Usually, the signs will have the full address of the place, the last word in the address is the name of the city (in Colombo the last word is the name of the area).
  7. Get ready for that, that it will take you much longer, to get to your destination, than you planned. Sri Lanka now has two highways: from Colombo to Matara and from Colombo to the airport. The rest are dear old and broken, traffic jams, so it may take two to three hours, to drive 60 kilometers. Do not plan to visit several attractions in different cities on the same day (if they are not near), you will get very tired on the road.

In the Khantan mountains near Kandy

All kinds of gambling

The following games can be played on the island:

  • black Jack;
  • roulette;
  • Rapid roulette;
  • baccarat;
  • three card poker;
  • poker texas hold'em;
  • asian poker;
  • Caribbean Stud Poker;
  • poker omaha;
  • indian flush;
  • mini flash;
  • “casino war”;
  • rammi.

Top Casinos - Colombo

Sri Lanka's legal casinos are concentrated in the capital city of Colombo, on a narrow coastal strip of a prestigious commercial area, adjacent to parks, beaches, shopping centers and offices of large companies. At the moment there are 10 operating casinos. Among them:

  • Ballys Colombo;
  • Bellagio Entertainment Sri Lanka;
  • Casino Marina Colombo;
  • Continental Club;
  • Crown Club;
  • Kollupitiya Casino;
  • MGM Colombo Casino;
  • Stardust Casino Colombo;
  • The Ritz Club;
  • Tokyo Club.

In general, all casinos have about 190 tables for the game, among them 40 poker, and besides, more than a hundred slot machines.

Everything for poker lovers

Marina Colombo casino has a Jim's Poker Room for forty tables. В нем работает школа покера для всех желающих научиться этой благородной карточной игре.

Royal service

There are four best casinos, which are controlled by Dhammika Perera:

  • Ballys Colombo;
  • Bellagio Entertainment Sri Lanka;
  • Casino Marina Colombo;
  • MGM Colombo Casino.

Dhammika Perera – this is a sri lankan millionaire, from 19 years in gambling business. He's in control now 10% all companies on the island. Casinos under his auspices are considered among the best in Central Asia. for example, Casino Marina Colombo – four-story building, where each room is dedicated to a different category of players, from ordinary to VIP-persons.

These gambling houses have their own restaurants and bars., they cooperate with the best hotels in the capital. They offer guests private parking. there is also a club system of cards and a package system “all inclusive” for VIP clients and junket tour participants. The packages include:

  • accommodation in 4- or 5 star hotel;
  • round-trip air ticket;
  • transfer airport-casino;
  • casino discounts;
  • free food and drinks.

Top three casinos

The rest of the gambling houses provide everything you need for a good game and a pleasant stay.. One of the best independent casinos from Dhammiki Perera – это Stardust Casino Colombo, the second largest on the island, in him 40 tables for card games. At the first place, by the way, located casino Casino Marina Colombo, where is located 90 card tables, 40 poker tables, 70 slot machines. Bellagio Entertainment Sri Lanka in third place - 32 table, but at the same time 4 slot machines.

https://youtube.com/watch?v = tfUXG90-lzE

Casino on the island: Bahamas, Aruba, Djerba, Dominican Republic, Ibiza, Sowing, Malta, Mauritius, Mallorca, Jeju, Corfu, Rhodes, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Curaçao, Vanuatu, Haiti, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka, Antigua and Barbuda, Bali, Cyprus, Guadeloupe, Bonaire, Madagascar, Saint Lucia, Set-Kits and Nevis, Martinique, New Zealand

Weather, climate, temperature by months in Sri Lanka

Season Autumn Winter Spring Summer
Month Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug year
Record maximum °C 37 36 36 35 35 37 35 39 36 38 36 37 39
Average maximum °C 29 28 28 28 28 29 30 30 30 29 29 29 29
average temperature °C 27 26 26 26 26 26 27 28 28 28 28 28 27
Average minimum °C 24 24 23 23 22 22 23 24 25 25 25 25 24
Record minimum °C 21 19 18 18 16 18 19 21 21 18 20 19 16
Rain Days 7 12 9 8 6 5 6 8 11 9 7 6 93
Fog Days 1 3 4 4 3 5 5 2 1 1 27
Thunderstorm Days 3 4 6 4 2 2 6 10 8 2 2 2 49
Rainfall Mm. 132 303 316 213 111 65 94 182 234 144 103 89 1988
Air humidity % 61 62 62 58 57 56 56 58 62 63 63 62 60
Humidity in the morning % 78 81 83 81 77 80 81 81 78 76 76 75 79
Humidity in the evening % 65 66 65 61 57 57 58 62 65 64 64 64 62
Wind speed Km / h 9 8 8 9 9 9 9 8 9 9 9 9 9
Length of the day Hours 13 12 12 12 12 12 12 13 13 13 13 13 12
Dew point °C 23 23 22 22 21 21 22 23 24 23 23 23 268
Sum of active temperatures °C 518 512 481 487 483 454 530 544 565 527 541 539 6182
Solar radiation Mj/m2 19 18 16 15 17 21 23 21 20 19 19 19 19

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Where to buy?

Yuri Kim-Serebryakov

Duplication Road и Galle Road в Коломбо — основные улицы для шопинга. Там расположено множество больших и маленьких магазинов, supermarkets, shopping centers, offering clothes, footwear, haberdashery, goods for kids, Jewelry.

House of Fashion — один из самых популярных торговых центров Коломбо. There is a huge assortment of women's, мужской и детской одежды на любой случай, рост и размер. In addition to clothing, the store offers a wide range of other goods.: toys, sporting goods, household goods.

Romafour — известный среди жителей и гостей Коломбо универмаг, в котором можно найти множество моделей модной одежды, shoe, accessories, товаров для детей и ювелирных украшений.

Odel — торговый центр, разместившийся в большом особняке. Кроме большого количества отделов с одеждой, shoes, аксессуарами по очень приятным ценам, на территории центра имеются кафе и бары, в которых можно отдохнуть после прогулки по магазинам.

Magestic City — большой торговый центр в Коломбо, abbreviated as "MC". Это один из старейших торговых центров в городе. Various shops are located under the roof of the shopping center (clothes, footwear, Jewelry, souvenirs, Food), множество кафе и ресторанов. Barefoot — очень интересный магазин аутентичных вещей, manually created. На фабрике при магазине вот уже более 40 a group of designers has been working for years, создающих уникальные вещи из натуральных тканей собственного изготовления, treated with special dyes. В магазине можно купить сумки, clothes, head, sarongs, etc.. P. Драгоценные камни и самоцветы принесли Шри-Ланке известность во всем мире. На острове можно купить относительно недорого сапфиры, rubies, alexandrites, amethysts, aquamarines, topaz, tourmalines, etc.. d. Лучшим местом для покупки камней считается город Ратнапура — известный центр ювелирной промышленности. Любители драгоценностей могут не только совершить покупку, но и посмотреть, как добывают и обрабатывают камни. В Ратнапуре лавки ювелиров встречаются на каждом шагу, and, Besides, в городе ежедневно с 09:00 to 14:00 there is a fair of precious stones, known for very low prices.

Katka Vladimirovna

Однако неспециалистам покупать драгоценные камни с рук не рекомендуется, because the seller, often, не предоставляет никаких гарантий. Tourists should visit specialized shops, в которых продавец может выдать соответствующий чек и сертификат. В Коломбо такими магазинами являются Colombo Jewellery Stores (1 Alfred House Gardens, Colombo 3, [email protected]) и Zam Gems.

Шриланкийский специалитет — местные ароматные специи — можно купить в магазинах при садах специй, раскинувшихся на территории от Дамбуллы до Матале. Cinnamon worth buying, pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, vanilla, tamarind, turmeric, curry, coriander. So, туристы с удовольствием посещают маленький магазин Utuwankanda 25 в городке Mawanella, расположенном на трассе Коломбо — Канди, where can you buy herbs, spice, ароматические масла из растений, выращенных непосредственно на плантации при магазине. Гостям магазинам предложат экскурсию по саду, небольшую лекцию о применении тех или иных растений в аюрведе, Ayurvedic massage itself. К оплате принимают кредитные карты.

Настоящая достопримечательность Коломбо — комплекс рынков под объединённым названием Pettah Market, located east of Fort Colombo. На огромной площади раскинулся колоритный восточный базар, состоящий из лабиринта торговых улиц и переулков, overflowing with a wide variety of goods, материалов и услуг. Здесь можно купить красочный шриланкийский текстиль, head, spice, fruits, vegetables, clothes, footwear. В северо-восточной части рынка Pettah находится набережная, где сосредоточились исключительно ювелирные магазины и лавки, selling national ethnic clothes.

Cost of living and prices of goods in Sri Lanka

Dinner Inexpensive restaurant 1 people. 1.7 USD
Dinner Middle class restaurant 2 people. 10.1 USD
Dinner McMeal at McDonald's 1 PC. 4.7 USD
The drinks Local beer 0.5 liters 1.7 USD
The drinks Imported beer 0.33 liters 2.7 USD
The drinks Coke/Pepsi 0.33 liters 0.5 USD
The drinks Water 0.33 liters 0.3 USD
The drinks Cappuccino Portion 2.1 USD
Products Water 1.5 liters 0.5 USD
Products White fresh bread 500 r. 0.4 USD
Products Eggs 12 PC. 1.3 USD
Products Milk 1 liter 1.2 USD
Products Onion 1 Kg. 0.8 USD
Products Cabbage 1 head 0.9 USD
Products White rice 1 Kg. 0.5 USD
Products Potato 1 Kg. 0.9 USD
Products Tomatoes 1 Kg. 1.0 USD
Products Local cheese 1 Kg. 9.3 USD
Meat Chicken fillet 1 Kg. 4.0 USD
Fruits Apples 1 Kg. 2.0 USD
Fruits Bananas 1 Kg. 0.8 USD
Fruits Oranges 1 Kg. 1.7 USD
Alcohol Middle class wine 1 bottle 9.6 USD
Alcohol Local beer 0.5 liters 1.6 USD
Alcohol Imported beer 0.33 liters 2.1 USD
Cigarettes Marlboro 1 pack 4.7 USD
Public transport One way trip 1 ticket 0.1 USD
Public transport Transport Travel card 6.8 USD
Taxi Initial rate Landing 0.3 USD
Taxi Trip 1 km. 0.3 USD
Taxi Expectation 1 time 0.7 USD
Fuel Gasoline 1 liter 0.8 USD
Car, purchase Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline 1 PC. 27,024.9 USD
Sports A fitness center, season ticket 1 month 11.1 USD
Sports Tennis court, rent 1 time 7.1 USD
Relaxation Cinema, international film 1 a place 3.4 USD
clothing Jeans, Levis 501 1 couple 31.3 USD
clothing Summer dress in Zara, H&M 1 PC. 28.7 USD
Footwear Nike Running Shoes 1 couple 51.8 USD
Footwear Leather office shoes 1 couple 28.9 USD
Rental of property Apartment in the city center 1-room 206.5 USD
Rental of property The apartment is not in the center 1-room 122.9 USD
Rental of property Apartment in the city center 3-room 578.7 USD
Rental of property The apartment is not in the center 3-room 295.4 USD
Utilities Electricity, heating… 85 sq. meters 1 month 44.3 USD
Communication mobile connection 1 minute 0.0 USD
Communication Unlimited Internet 1 month 19.1 USD
Buying a home Apartment in the city center 1 sq. meter 1,260.5 USD
Buying a home The apartment is not in the center 1 sq. meter 776.1 USD
Salary Average salary after taxes 1 month 247.7 USD
Epoque Interest rate 1 year 12.24%

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Prices and bargaining


Денежная единица страны — ланкийская рупия. Approximate exchange rate 150 рупий к 1 доллару. Вывозить местную валюту из страны запрещено. Обменивать доллары на рупии выгоднее всего прямо в аэропорту. В магазинах острова цены на один и тот же товар могут кардинально различаться. Перед покупкой пройдитесь по окрестным торговым точками и приценитесь. it happens, что в магазине напротив искомая безделушка стоит в два раза дешевле. На Шри-Ланке не любят агрессивно торговаться. Беседуйте с продавцом в дружелюбной манере и, perhaps, you will be able to significantly reduce the price of the product.

На рынках и в частных магазинах нужно торговаться, но не агрессивно: foreigners are considered wealthy people, able to pay an inflated price. Однако шриланкийские торговцы готовы сбросить цену до 30%. The bargaining scheme is as follows: we divide the offered price in half, затем прибавляем 10–15% от суммы, показываем торговцу некоторую сумму денег и с невозмутимым лицом и деньгами в руках движемся к выходу. The likelihood of, что торговец догонит вас и согласится на вашу цену, very big. Tourists should bargain when buying souvenirs, clothes, ювелирных украшений и драгоценных камней. Стоит захватить с собой на шопинг маленький карманный калькулятор. Большинство владельцев магазинов и продавцов говорят по-английски. Naturally, торг неуместен в государственных магазинах, supermarkets, торговых центрах и магазинах duty free в аэропорту.

В магазинах Шри-Ланки всегда имеется большое разнообразие качественных изделий из хлопка, flax, jersey, skin. На товары местных производителей цены очень демократичны. So, хлопковая футболка будет стоить 2,5–3 $, хлопковая сорочка — 3–4 $, шорты — 4–5 $, брюки — 5–6 $, джинсы — 6–7 $, летняя кожаная обувь — 10–20 $. Детская одежда ещё дешевле — от 0,5 $. Одежда и обувь европейского производства — примерно в 2 раза дороже.

Day 0 / Candy / Buddhist shrines

Bus from the airport to the station of Colombo city

80 rubles

Colombo-Kandy Train

95 rubles

Dinner: traditional Sri Lankan rice with curry platter + smoothies mango-marakuya

400 rubles

View the city from the Buddha statue

130 rubles

Visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic

600 rubles

Dinner: shrimp in coconut with rice and signature cocktail

1 050 rubles


  • Arriving, looking for a bus 187 to Colombo (Colombo).
  • In the city we go to the train station and take second class tickets for the Colombo-Kandy or Colombo-Badulla train. But let's get off at the station in Kandy. If the thrill isn't enough, can you sit down (but rather stand) in a third class carriage with local. Enjoy the views. Drive about two and a half hours.
  • We run from the train to lunch at The Empire Cafe, trying traditional Sri Lankan curries (snacks) and wash down the smoothie.
  • Let's get to know the city, looking at him from above. Need a Bahiravakand Temple. Climbing the hill, and there on the statue of Buddha, turned into an observation deck.
  • We go for a walk around the lake and go to the complex of the Temple of the Tooth of Buddha (Sri Dalada Maligawa) - a striking landmark of Kandy and the main temple of Sri Lanka. This very Tooth is kept here. Which means that? Hundreds of tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. The interior decoration is impressive, what can not be said about the appearance of the temple. You will be asked to take off your shoes, so follow, so that there is no hole on the socks. It is also worth covering up all your bare spots.. Ask for an audio guide at the entrance.
  • After a dirty Kandy, I want to wash ... and at least have dinner in a neat place, so we go to the restaurant at the Royal Bar & Hotel.


  • The Empire Cafe — 21 Temple Street, Kandy.
  • Bahрам Bahirawakanda Vihara Buddha - Bahirawakanda Rd, Kandy.
  • Sri Dalada Maligawa - Sri Dalada Veediya, Kandy.
  • Royal Bar & Hotel — No.44 Kings street, Raja Veediya, Kandy.

Day 4 / Halle-hikkaduva / Tourist day

Breakfast: smoothie-bowl + cappuccino

520 rubles

Bus Veligama-Gale

30 rubles and gray hair

A walk around the Fort

is free

Dinner: rice with seafood and curry + ginger tea

700 rubles

Train Galle-Hikkaduwa

25 rubles

Pants with elephants

400 rubles, but you can bargain

Ceylon tea as a souvenir

250 rubles per package

Coconut on the beach

80 rubles

Dinner: spiced fish with a glass of wine

850 rubles

Cocktail at the local "disco"

350 rubles


  • Let's go for breakfast at another trendy weligama establishment - Soul cafe.
  • We go to the station and take the bus to Galle (Galle). If you shout out the name, he will be found faster.
  • Welcome to Galle, Little Europe on a Sri Lankan island. Fort Galle was built by the Dutch and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Get off the bus and follow the crowd. In order not to get confused, we advise you to walk along the perimeter of the fort first. Views of the massive fortress walls will open, ocean, lighthouse and clock tower.
  • Then go to the center of the fort and walk until you get stupid. You can look for something interesting in the shops. On the way you will see: All Saints Church (All Saints Anglican Church), Dutch Reformed Church (Dutch Reformed Church), Meeran Jumma Mosque (Fort Meeran Jumma Masjid), as well as maritime and history museums.
  • We go for lunch Pedlar's Inn Cafe with a cute interior.
  • Then we go to the station and take the train to Colombo. But we get off at the Hikkaduwa stop (Hikkaduwa). It is called the "Russian village" and for good reason. The number of Russians per square meter clearly exceeds the rest. This resort is famous for its picturesque beaches, where palm trees hang right over the ocean, and a coconut may suddenly fall on your head. And follow in the footsteps of Einstein.
  • Let's take a swim and sit on the sand to watch the sunset. Drink coconut to create atmosphere.
  • While we go to the hotel, we buy pants with elephants in a local shop. For memory. And Ceylon tea as a souvenir.
  • Dinner at J.L.H Beach Restaurant.
  • Find out from the locals, where is dancing today, and let's go drink a cocktail.
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