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Sales volumes in 2017, GSL JSC

All-Russian state lotteries, organized by the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, проводятся в соответствии с распоряжением Правительства РФ № 687-р. В этом документе фигурируют всего 5 lotteries, but in fact there are many more. АО «Государственные спортивные лотереи» которое и проводит лотереи, introduced the crafty notion "algorithm #" denoting games exceeding the allowed maximum (a little below it will be clear, what is it about)

Тиражные лотереи Министерства спорта в 2017

Indicators of the all-Russian state lotteries for 2017 year: turnover, paid out winnings, targeted deductions and operator remuneration.

General indicators of the year:

  • 34,6 billion (34 648 610 400) rubles - turnover
  • 17,6 billion (17 629 945 790) rubles, or 50,88% - paid out winnings
  • 13,7 billion (13 764 378 960) rubles, or 39,73% - operator's remuneration
  • 1,7 billion (1 701 868 460) rubles, or 4,91% - targeted deductions

Its useful to note, что ситуация на российском лотерейном рынке уникальна — нигде в мире оператор лотереи не получает такой большой процент вознаграждения. for example, Soviet "Sportloto", whose experience we like to refer to, devoted to the development of sports 28-34% from turnover.

At all, lottery at its core, carried out to raise funds for good purposes - sports financing, social programs or charity. Очень показателен европейский опыт — члены European Lotteries в 2013-2014 years returned to society on average 27,8% from turnover. We, as we see, the main benefit from holding lotteries is not received by the state or society.

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