Play more or spend more?

Millions of winners or blown figures

Checkered or go

Let's start unexpectedly - what is winning? If we talk about the essence, then any amount, received as a result of the drawing is the prize. But, whether this amount will be a win for you? for example, 111 rubles, at ticket price 100 rubles? And if you bought more than one ticket, a 5 or 10? And only one won, all the same 111 rubles? Formally, this is also a win.. But, this is hardly the option, which is presented after viewing the advertisement. A million new winners - yeah, well yes…

You can more clearly consider this situation with specific examples.. Let's take some drawing of the "Russian Lotto" lottery. To make it more interesting, it's better to take a massive draw. Let's say, New Year's edition, № 1160, from 31 December 2016 of the year

Participated in the drawing 7 844 348 tickets. The prize fund was 392,2 million rubles! How many winners were there in this draw? How many of those, who won more or less large sums?

The vast majority of winners (97,4%) these are those, who won less 150 rubles! At a ticket price 100 rubles ... Almost the entire prize fund went to pay these winnings (88,4%), while, what are the main prizes (not very big, by 700 000) only left 6,8%

Yes, in this edition it turned out almost 3,5 million winners. But, who will explain to me, why spend almost the entire prize pool on small prizes? To a bunch of people, succumbed to New Year's hysteria and bought tickets, received on 11 rubles profit?

In terms of expectations and brutal reality, the gap is monstrous. But the operator can speak, that millions of people benefit. AND, does not deceive! He just doesn't finish speaking, how much do they win ...


Most Australians prefer the "one-armed bandit". Sports betting goes after this machine. Bookmakers even accept bets on changes in the national currency rate. The internet is more likely to play poker or blackjack.

According to the Ministry of Culture, the average gambler spends annually $1,2 thousand. This turnover of funds is explained by the absence of taxes on winnings and the government's loyalty to this business..

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Sales of flagship lotteries in 2017

Meanwhile, итоги первой половины года неутешительны — две лотереи из первой тройки в оборотах упали! For the lotteries "6 out of 45" and "5 out of 36" I did a detailed analysis (you can watch it here), I give the main results:

"6 out of 45" Fall on 40%. First half turnover 2017 — 1,8 billion (in 2016 for January - June was 3,1 billion)

5 of 36 Fall of 30%. First half turnover 2017 — 0,8 billion (in 2016 for January - June was 1,2 billion)

Maybe other lotteries were meant? It's easy to check! We will not consider the Rapido lottery, it is not for sale at the post office. Remains the Russian Lotto and the Housing Lottery. Since they are weekly, а вся тиражная информация доступна в интернете, then the task is quite simple, you just need to compare the indicators of this and last year.

Russian Lotto sales in January-June 2016 and 2017, number of tickets

IN 2016 за первую половину года было продано 39,4 million tickets. A, for the corresponding period of 2017 already sold 43,1 million tickets. Growth is small, just 9%.

And how the Housing Lottery was sold? Here the situation is similar

Housing Lottery Sales in January-June 2016 and 2017, number of tickets

В первом полугодии 2016-го продано 21,8 million tickets. A, for the same period of 2017 already sold 23,2 million tickets. Growth is also small, 6%

If the number of tickets sold has not increased, then where could the gain come from? And the answer to this question is simple - the volume increased due to the price increase

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