Win-win lottery comic for anniversary and children's holiday. games for the whole family. win-win lottery in verse

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All the best for children

Children's holiday is another story. The best thing, if you chose a separate topic. Pirate parties are very popular, princess balls, “multi-consoles”. Children can be given candy, inside which will be their lottery tickets. Or invite them to find a box with tickets by card, having prepared a cache in advance. Another good option – stick the long-awaited tickets with adhesive tape to the chair seat from below. It will be interesting for kids to "get" them on their own. A fun comic lottery that delights kids. Examples of statements:

  • “Books should be read by everyone, you will know a lot (ABC)”.
  • “I give this prize to you, to sharpen teeth in the evenings (a pack of crackers)”.
  • “Get a vitamin, to become mighty like a genie (orange)”.
  • “You don't need to lose weight at all - here's a bar of chocolate”.
  • “Here's a soft one, funny friend, if you suddenly get bored (soft toy)”.
  • “To know the size of any, carry this thing with you (ruler)”.
  • “What is hunger, you will never know, get a big spoon as a gift”.
  • “The best remedy for stress is buying “Mercedes””.
  • “Beautiful, good fellow, I'll give you a lollipop (candy on a stick)”.
  • “Birthday is coming soon, here is for cake decoration (candles for cake)”.
  • “Today the best prize is a delicious surprise egg! (Kinder Surprise)”.
  • “Develop your intelligence, get a pack of puzzles”.
  • “Get you a pencil, our future artist”.
  • “I give you an album, portray a masterpiece you are in it”.

If there are few children, let them take out several tickets. There are never too many prizes!

A comic lottery is a great way to add brightness to the holiday. None of the guests will refuse to pull their lot.

Cool lotteries for the New Year 2021 For the company

For friends for the new year, we have not only the New Year's lottery, but also cool ideas. By the way, these options can be applied with the family.

And you - a sharpener, Dear friend,

Can, come in handy suddenly!

(Pencil sharpener)

Well, and you, chewing gum pack!

Good luck awaits you in the coming year!

(Chewing gum)

Better hairstyle,

Get, buddy, comb!


Yes, not so gentle / yes, not a limousine,Yes, вся в иголках.Зато ты здесь одна/одинПолучаешь елку.

Surely dreaming of getting something German?But how can you surprise?therefore, бутылочку шампанского!

Shoots like a cannon,New Year (cotton)

So as not to freeze in cold weather,Slippers won't help,Here only they will save,Hand knitted (gloves)

To cook Olivier,In the kitchen, everyone needs a companion. (lettuce)

Draw on another cartoon,

A pencil will help!


Balloon from Carlson -

Let the mood be joyful!


Shower and shower gel,

Wash in the bathroom - take your time!

(Small bottle of shower gel)

You don't need a brush and piggy bank,

You need a good sharpener!

(Pencil sharpener)

results 250 of the Housing Lottery Draw - Draw Table

Tour Ball numbers Winning tickets Winnings
1 09, 61, 77, 24, 18, 89 5 country houses
2 42, 73, 31, 11, 35, 86, 26, 36, 25, 65, 76, 07, 40, 05, 87, 47, 70, 04, 41, 37, 62, 64, 20, 28, 34, 21, 32, 68, 22, 59 1 Vacation home
3 69, 88, 52, 71, 08, 54, 43, 17, 46, 03, 58, 10, 30, 82, 48, 60, 50, 66, 75, 53, 01, 83, 13, 33, 63, 57, 51, 45 1 Vacation home
4 74 3 country houses
5 16 2 country houses
6 80 8 country houses
7 14 16 10 001
8 44 17 2 001
9 49 30 1 500
10 19 60 1 000
11 15 92 701
12 23 152 500
13 84 313 401
14 78 489 301
15 55 713 276
16 38 1 199 258
17 56 1 551 240
18 12 2 406 227
19 79 4 148 214
20 90 7 645 204
21 27 11 096 196
22 67 15 456 188
23 72 23 303 182
24 39 34 576 178
25 29 52 190 175
26 85 89 147 173
27 06 141 645 172

Missing numbers: 2, 81

New Year lotteries 2021 comic with prizes

Please, get the keychain,

You need to attach it to the keys!


You got the best prize:

New Year's "Kinder surprise"!

("Kinder surprise" chocolate egg)

To have peace and kindness in the family,

Protected you - a figurine of a Bull!

(Bull symbol of the year figurine)

Dear friend, don't be bored,

I receive a calendar!

(Pocket calendar on 2021 year).

The artist we have friends

Big he is very master,

I congratulate him with all my heart

And I will give (felt-tip pen)

How to surprise you,

What to give?

To always have a hairstyle,

Keep pretty (comb)

You can take it on the road

It tastes very cool!

But please be careful:

Don't chew on chups!

Congratulations friends,

Happy New Year from the heart!

I wish you happiness,

And I give (the pencils)

Girls love and boys

Adults love, even too much,

Guess the word is,

Well, of course, (candy!)

Get a buddy soon

Surprise your friends,

And neighbor Mishka,

You are beautiful (a book)

New Year lottery 2021 for a fun adult company

Beauty around you,It will be from now on forever. Decorations are everywhere,Just a lovely sight.(Christmas decorations)


You will visit a lot. Well, what about without gifts??It's not enough to treat,Need capacity, to make it more comfortable to wear.(gift basket)


You will be rich this year,However, there will be a lot of expenses., where did the pay go,This little thing will come in handy.(calculator and notebook)


Cold season ahead,Microbes are already waiting,To attack you,Therefore, you should not forget about vitamins.(orange)


Charge of vigorous forces has not hurt anyone yet, you will need it soon,A useful little thing will save.(batteries)


Wanted with gold ring?

Your ticket contains only an egg!

(Chocolate egg "Kinder Surprise")


Always work well

Put the symbol of the year on the table!

(Bull or Cow figurine)


The mood will be the best -

You get a cookie!



If you don't have a sweet life,

Take some candy soon!



To be clean, beautiful

Get this soap!



Don't be angry with us, buddy,

Take the matchboxes!



What a miracle, so wonderful!

Won a bottle of beer!

(Beer bottle)


Do not try to be angry with us!

A magnet on the farm will also work!

(Fridge magnet)

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