Lucky number 6 in China

What numbers are considered lucky in China?

Chinese School of Numerology

According to the Chinese school of numerology, each odd number in the row from 1 to 10 filled with masculine energy, and even - female. Besides, Chinese are convinced, that a certain element is associated with each digit.

Of course, in every numerological school (be it kabbalistic, Chinese or Pythagorean) there are special magic numbers. So, in ancient times it was the figure 12 in numerology and was special.

However, after a while, the magic properties of the number 12 began to be attributed to the number 10. Today in Chinese numerology only 13 digits. Wherein 11, 12, 13 no longer have such a special meaning, as before, and are used as service.

Remember, during Chinese numerological divination, you should not use meanings, принятые в других нумерологических школах.

Tetraphobia in Asian countries

Such a strong fear, like in China before the "four", perhaps, no one in the world experiences even before the notorious "13".

In Japan, it is pronounced "shi", which is also close to the sound of the same death, in Korea - "sa", in Vietnam - the similarity of these words is already much less, but there is still a distant consonance.

Therefore, tetraphobia can be safely called a phenomenon, typical for all southeast Asian countries.

Concerning, there high-rise buildings are often deprived of not only the fourth floors, but also 14, and 24, and even 40s and 49s.

This is due to the fact, that Hong Kong builders are trying to "overestimate" the number of storeys, After all, prices for housing and work offices increase in proportion to the height of the apartment floor. But the presence of the four immediately makes them cheaper..

Likely, this company policy has nothing to do with phobia - pure commerce.

Generally the pronunciation of many numbers in Chinese, least, may scare:

  • 14 - you wish to die;
  • 24 - easy death;
  • 74 - death is inevitable;
  • 94 - death is forever.

For us it is illogical and makes no sense, but for the Chinese - a terrible truth.

The Japanese language is even trickier: interprets "49", like pain, leading to death.

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