The largest lottery wins in the world

Catch luck by the tail: the biggest lottery winnings in Russia and in the world

2 place - Daniel Coleman (USA) — The Big One for One Drop WSOP 2014 — $15 306 668

2 place - Daniel Coleman

Турнир The Big One for One Drop, hosted by WSOP, so grandiose, that participation alone is worth $1 000 000! IN 2014 year its winner - 24-year-old Daniel Coleman received $15 306 668. The total prize fund of the event, including deductions to charity, was $37 333 338. It was divided between eight finalists.

The Battle of Big One lasted three days until then., when Daniel Coleman, left alone with his eminent namesake Daniel Negreanu, knocked that out of the tournament. But immediately after the victory, the young player behaved more than strange - flatly refused to answer the questions of journalists, and then made a sensational statement: "Poker is a dark and brutal game". How could you say that, when they lie at their feet 15 million dollars with kopecks, unclear!

Funny winnings or shrewd relatives

Granddad, when his grandson was 2 of the year, made a bet, that little Harry Wilson will one day play for the Wales national team. Has passed 14 years, before in 2013, midfielder and captain of the Liverpool youth team, made his debut for the national team of his country. 50 pounds grandpa turned into 125 thousand.

Similar rate, again, per player for the Wales national team, but already in rugby, was made by Shane Williams' father. Even before the first call of the son to the location of the national team, father made a bet of 50 pounds for that, that his son will not just play for the national team, and will become her best scorer. Surprisingly, but the elder Williams was right and won 25 thousand. pounds.

7 place - Pius Heinz (Germany) — WSOP Main Event 2011 — $ 8 715 638

7 place - Pius Heinz

WSOP Main Event 2011 and his main prize in $ 8 715 638 won by a young poker player from Germany - Pius Heinz. At the time of his triumph, he had only 22 of the year. Pius got acquainted with poker by broadcasting major events on TV. He played with friends at home and at the same time adopted the skills of famous online poker players.

Heinz, after his unexpected victory for many, said, which feels better, acting at home at the computer, than at major live tournaments. Pius didn't like Las Vegas and all its publicity and tinsel.

To the question, where will he spend the huge prize money, Heinz said, that he does not like to advertise his plans and just wants to feel comfort and happiness around him. Pius practically faded into the background after his triumph, but with that kind of money, he can afford it!

№ 6. 314,9 million. dollars - 2002 year

Literally the night before Christmas 2002 of the year Jack Whittaker won a large cash prize. Its amount was 314,9 million. dollars. However, after such luck, life of a winner, not surprising, went awry. When word of Jack's sudden financial boom spread across West Virginia, there are a lot of envious ill-wishers. The lucky owner of an unspeakable amount was robbed twice! Later, he unwittingly became an accomplice in a criminal situation.: a boy's body was found in his house, who died of overdose. Jack's wife now regrets this win.

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