The biggest jackpot in the world now

The biggest wins in the world

How to win the lottery?

The question is, how to win the lottery, occurs in all players. There is no definite way to win. Each winner has their own secret of success, but not everyone is ready to share it. Most argue, that it's just luck and luck, others follow certain rules:

  • Play with an expanded bet, ie. choose more numbers, than possible at the normal rate. Of course, the expanded rate provides for more investments, but the chance to win rises.
  • Participate regularly in lotteries and use the same combination all the time. Are waiting, when the chosen combination brings the long-awaited prize.
  • Playing with friends, so-called lottery syndicate. In this case, a group of people buys as many tickets of one lottery as possible, and in case of winning, divide everything in half.
  • Use a variety of mathematical formulas.

There are those, who believes in happy days, numbers, clothes, talismans. Buy birthday tickets, choose significant numbers on the ticket, use various conspiracies to win.

The statistics of large lottery wins in Russia suggests, that every year the number of their participants is growing, winnings grow too. The probability of hitting the jackpot is negligible and depends on the specific lottery. for example, the opportunity to win the Gosloto lottery 5 of 36 "is approximately 1 to 367 thousands, in the Gosloto lottery 6 of 45 "- 1 to 8 million, in “Russian lotto” – 1 to 7 million.

If this article prompted someone to buy a ticket, remember, that the winning percentage is very small, play for fun, maybe you're lucky.

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