America's biggest lottery win

Russian tax on winnings: 13%, 30% or 35%

Multi-million dollar win in Normandy

Frenchman Alexander, who worked for a very long time in a trucking organization as a best man for a freight forwarder, radically changed my life. Playing all my life the French Loto lottery, he was able to win a prize equal 10 million euros. When the lucky one took the money owed to him, he decided to buy out the company, where he worked. The company has long been unprofitable. But when Alexander bought her, he managed to bring her to a good profit. Our hero did not change personnel policy – all employees stayed where they were.

The French Loto lottery is very popular, as it is famous for its big jackpots. But worth noticing, that the win will not come easily to you. To do this, you need to select 5 numbers from 49 and 1 of 10, and guess them. By the way, thelotter now offers a syndicated version of this lottery.

Winning combination: 49/42/15/11/9 and 3.

The biggest

The biggest unclaimed winnings happened in the PowerBal lottery (USA). Happy ticket, который мог бы принести своему обладателю 77 million dollars (seventy seven million!) was issued 29 june 2011 at a truck stop at the Pilot Travel Center in Tallupoosa, state of Georgia. Combination, bringing good luck - 24, 30, 57, 59 and (bonus number) 26.

Line for lottery tickets. In the same Pilot Travel Center store

PowerBall rules require the winner to claim the winnings within 180 days. But for some reason no one came for these millions. maybe, that he just lost the ticket, or forgot to check, and maybe something else happened. But, fact remains, six months have passed, a 77 millions remained unclaimed.

What happens to such winnings? They are usually listed in a budget or listed for a purpose, for which the lottery is held. Georgia has slightly different rules - unclaimed money is returned to each state participating in the lottery, in proportion to their share. And that, what was collected in Georgia itself - goes to the prize pool for future games.

If you think, that big wins rarely go unclaimed, then it is not so, examples are enough:

Great Britain The biggest jackpot that no one took - 65 million, EuroMillions lottery

USA America has the most unclaimed winnings. This is not because, that all the rich are there, who don’t need lottery winnings for nothing. No, it's just that lottery is a massive phenomenon in the USA - Americans spend billions of dollars on this hobby (more 80 billion every year!)

But even against this background, the series of unclaimed winnings of the Mega Millions lottery in New York stands out., just some kind of curse. Judge for yourself:

  • 31 million remained ownerless in 2006
  • 46 млн никто так и не забрал в 2003
  • and 68 million there were draws in 2002

true, there was still one contender for the last jackpot. A certain Fritzner Beckett (Fritzner Bechette) stated, that he won the money. And the ticket just ... lost. That happens. AND, to get lottery millions he went to court, demanding to return to him not only 68 million, and also interest accrued during the waiting time.

true, Supreme Court of Queens did not accommodate Mr. Beckett. New York State Lottery Provided Evidence, that the ticket described by the applicant does not match the winner. A thorough investigation revealed, that Fritzner didn't have this ticket at all. Apparently the man decided to try his luck like this, but it didn't work out, it happens

Big win, which no one takes, doubt awakens in the hearts of some players - they begin to think, what if it's mine? Or, as the hero Nikulin said - “in his place I should have been!». Therefore, it happens, that there are many applicants. for example

Most demanded

Super Lotto Ticket, on which the prize fell 63 million dollars was bought in August 2015 in the city of Chatsworth, California. In November 2016, the lottery issued a reminder message, since no one applied for a prize. The call was repeated in January.

63 million is yours? poster in the operator's window

The last day, when was it still possible to apply for a prize, the nearest to the place of purchase the center for registration of winnings was opened in 8 o'clock in the morning. And was immediately attacked by calls from numerous applicants. They claimed, that the dog ate the ticket. Or baby. Someone begged for money, explaining, that the ticket was lost in the wash. Or just lost. За первые полчаса подобных звонков поступило более дюжины.

But the applicants didn't just call. Some decided to come in person, to fill out an application for issuing a prize. Suddenly lucky? Finally, the chances of winning the lottery jackpot with a ticket in hand are not much higher, than then, when there is no ticket: in both cases they tend to zero. But, you can try. We have described several examples of such attempts in the article “Applicants for 63 million "

Alas, and this time nobody got the money. Apparently no one was convincing enough. Although, it happens differently. Still got the next unclaimed prize. However, this story has its own nuances ...

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