America's biggest lottery win

Russian tax on winnings: 13%, 30% or 35%

Another mistake, one more million

Stories about that, how cashiers in stores make mistakes when selling lottery tickets

But it is worth paying attention to another such story.. It originated in America and is associated with the famous Powerball lottery

Robert Thibodeau – the most ordinary citizen – decided to play the Powerball lottery and purchase a ticket. However, the cashier made a small mistake.. And added the Power Play function to the purchased ticket, which automatically increases the amount when you win. So here, according to the lottery rules, ticket cancellation or replacement of its numbers is not allowed, then Robert had to donate another dollar, to redeem your ticket. After which he, of course, got upset, despite, that the total ticket amount was only 2 dollar. However, he was not in a bad mood for long.. So the very next day he found out, that he won his ticket 200 one thousand dollars. A trip to the store brought him even more surprise., where was the ticket purchased. It turned out, that the Power Play function did not bring him 200 one thousand dollars, and one million. After this incident, Robert ceased to be upset by minor mistakes., even opposite, for a small oversight, which the cashier did he rewarded her with a check with an impressive amount. With the money he won, Robert built himself a new home, and now he is incredibly happy about life.

Rooms, who brought him this million: 11/16/40/51/56 и PB 38.


This jackpot is a little bit out of the total unclaimed winnings. Strictly speaking - he didn't even exist. It has one thing in common with the rest of the examples - the alleged winner was unknown..

21 May 2010 of the year, in the Corner Store (St. John's, Canada) one of the buyers has issued a ticket for the next Lotto Max Atlantic lottery draw. The seller made a mistake when placing a bid, as a result of which the cost of the ticket was $ 27 instead $ 12. The buyer did not want to pay more and demanded to cancel the ticket

The most interesting thing happened later. In the night draw, the same numbers fell, which were marked in the wrong ticket. Since no one else has marked them, the buyer could become the sole owner of the jackpot in the amount of $ 30 million. If I hadn't canceled the ticket ... (a source)

Representative Atlantic Lottery Corp. in St. John's, said, that the incident is unusual - “it was big news for us. As far as we know, such a big win, on canceled ticket, has never happened before "

maybe, the buyer who refused to pay found out more, that was one step away from the jackpot - St. John's is a small town, and this news was actively discussed there. But no one ever confessed to this oversight, the jackpot remained intact. AND, afterwards, already got someone else

Biggest European Jackpot

The most popular European lottery EuroMillions in 2011 year pleased its players with the largest jackpot at that time, in the entire history of draws. Then the jackpot was 185 million euros.

An ordinary married couple could win this grand jackpot, who has been married for more than 30 years. The names of the lucky ones – Kristen and Colin. This family has lived extremely poorly all their lives., so for example Kristen worked as a nurse in one clinic.

This family has two children, therefore, they want to spend part of the money they won on their bright future and on education. They also want to spend some of the money on good new cars and trips around the world.. Colin plans to use this money to make all his dreams come true., and Kristen wants to leave work and protect the family hearth.

Numbers, who brought this family a prize: 17/19/38/42/45 and extra balls 9/11.

However, this rally did not cease to amaze., so according to the new rules when reaching the jackpot 185 million, players, who didn't guess additional numbers, are also owners of quite valuable prizes. And in this circulation there were such people 12. They all became richer by 1 million euros. EuroMillions lottery is very common in Europe. Draws are drawn in Paris. The minimum jackpot amount is 15 million dollars.

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