The biggest jackpot in Russia

The largest lottery winnings in russia: list and interesting facts

What is the biggest possible win at a bookmaker

Famous British operator William Hill comes to the fore in terms of high limits, where the client can win up to 2 million. pounds sterling one wager.

There are also a number of foreign operators, making it possible to win large sums of money within one bet. These include:

  • Sportingbet - 100 thousand. pounds sterling for one bet or 250 thousand. per day;
  • Pinnacle;
  • Bwin, etc..

There is one important point, which must be taken into account.

Sometimes some even decent offices go for one trick: they set a high win limit, but not the highest withdrawal limits. for example, operator allows one bet to win 100 thousand. dollars, but in a week you can withdraw 10 thousand. USD. It turns out, that the user will withdraw the winnings from one bet within 10 weeks. This obviously will not suit everyone.. Therefore, before you rejoice at the high winning number, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the procedure for withdrawing funds.

Winning limits are often sport specific

This is another important nuance., which many young bettors do not know or forget about. Sometimes the player, having read in rules, that one bet can be won 100 thousand. dollars, rubs his hands. But he needs to carefully study the rules and there he will see, what turns out 100 thousand. USD can be won in football matches, but already within the framework of basketball or hockey battles, it will be possible to win as much as possible 50 thous., and in the framework of handball only 10-15 thousand.

So it turns out, that users, mostly playing in the framework, eg, basketball or any other sport other than football, must carefully study the rules. But those, who bets only within the framework of sport # 1, can just watch the maximum win limit, football in this regard is always a priority. We remember our first screen, where noted, that within the framework of football in William Hill you can win 2 million. pounds, but how much you can win in the same office in tennis.

IN 8 times less and this is within the framework of top tennis tournaments.

Now, knowing all these moments, a quite natural question arises: “How are things in Russia??».

In the world

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the maximum officially recorded winnings in the world on the sweepstakes is considered to be the luck from investments on the rates of the Englishwoman Katherine Unsworth with the equal odds 1:3410. A similar result in the history of making a profit belongs to the category of fantastic records..

The largest winnings in France are considered to be at a bookmaker's office. 6,5 million. euros, when an inconspicuous bank employee, when filling out a game ticket, guessed the result of more 10 matches. This player subsequently donated half of the money purchased to the local orphanage..

Sensational Greece team, winner at Euro 2004, surprised many, but most of all pleased her fans. A fan of the national team experienced double pleasure, who bet on her to win the tournament 7300 dollars. The coefficient was initially 50. After the Greeks reached the final, he made a bet on the same outcome in the amount 14600 dollars, but the coefficient was already 10. Everybody knows, how did the final end. The fan's euphoria knew no bounds, because in total he became richer by 607 thousand. dollars.

Trimmed winnings

IN 1996 year, Englishman Darren Yates, horse-loving, set 59 pounds per odds. 25000. His prediction was, what jockey Frankie Dettori, will be able to win all races in Ascet throughout the season. He won 550 thousand. pounds, since the win was cut. So it would be almost 1,5 million. pounds.

However, there were others in the Guinness Book of Records, but in this case. IN 1984 year, Edward Hodson, also english, bet one horse in total to win 55 pounds, но на сумасшедший коэффициент – 3 956 748. Unclear, how could he be so big, but not the point. His bet has entered, but he only got 3 thousand. pounds, because then there were limits on the payment of winnings in the bookmaker.

IN 1995 year unknown woman was much more fortunate. She visited the hippodrome for the first time, wanting to remain incognito, she put 5 pence for the weakest horse. Победа оценивалась коэффициентом 3 072 887. Произошло необъяснимое – никудышная лошадь бежала великолепно и обогатила леди на 153 644 фунта. Again, due to the ceiling of payments, the amount has decreased.

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