The biggest jackpot in Russia today

Catch luck by the tail: the biggest lottery winnings in Russia and in the world

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During the Soviet era, about 70% of the population played sport lotto. The first program took place in 1974 year. The winning of the draw was 5000 rub. Then it was a lot of money. The number of tickets sold has reached 10 million. units. - a record number in the history of the Soviet lottery. When interest began to fall, decided to give a bonus along with the super prize, t. is. the ability to skip the line to buy a car.

What are the statistics of winnings in the Golden Horseshoe? The probability of winning is about 33%. Since at the end of the game there are only three kegs left in the bag. The amount of prizes is calculated before the drawing and is 50% of the cost of tickets sold in the last draw. Draws are held every week. In this case, the jackpot amount in the amount of 3 million. rub. guaranteed in the Golden Horseshoe lottery. Winning statistics confirm this fact. That is, regardless of the number of tickets sold, the amount of the super prize does not decrease.

What are the statistics of lottery winnings 6 of 36? The probability of winning is 1 of 1,9 million. Much depends on the number of tickets purchased. The cost of one lottery - 50 rub. Jackpot size approx 3 million. rub. Winning statistics 6 of 36 depending on the number of matched digits:

Numbers Probability Winnings
2 numbers from 6 1 to 4,47 100 rub.
3 numbers from 6 1 to 23,99 300 rub.
4 numbers from 6 1 to 298,51 2000 rub.
5 numbers from 6 1 to 10821,07 20000 rub.
6 numbers from 6 1 to 1947792 Super prize
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