The most popular lottery in russia reviews

Top 15 lotteries in russia, in which to win [without cheating]

The first lotteries in the world and a brief history of their development

The Bible says about the forerunners of lotteries. One day Moses had to distribute the land at Jordan by lot among the children of Israel.. IN 100 BC. eh. lotteries started in China, then ruled by the Han dynasty. The money raised went to the defense of the state and the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Julius Caesar organized the first lottery in the Roman Republic. Money, which brought the first and subsequent draws, were sent to repair roads, bridges, buildings.

The first lottery in Russia was held under Peter I at the beginning of the 18th century. true, few people are interested in her. A century and a half later, the lottery raffled off debtors' belongings. This was not only done by the state, but also individuals. In 1875, lotteries in the Russian Empire finally became clothing. But they were forbidden to be held in private. Only the state had the right to be the organizer.

During the years of Soviet power, jokes were banned, declaring them a relic of the bourgeoisie. But later 3 years started to spend again. At the expense of the proceeds, the government wanted to solve financial problems and eliminate the consequences of a crop failure.

Lotteries were held until the restructuring. A winning ticket could bring a decent prize. for example, car "Volga". These tickets were often resold. The reason is control by the state. Buyer winning lottery ticket there was no need to present documents to the seller. This ensured confidentiality. Upstairs could not visit, how much money does the buyer have.

Lotteries kept afloat even after the collapse of the USSR. But in 2014, amendments to Law No. 138-FZ entered into force.. Draws were divided into two types:

  • international,
  • state.

In the same year, private lotteries were banned in Russia. They all came under state control.

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