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The expert told, is it possible to win a billion in the lottery - Moscow 24, 14.01.2020

Foreign lotteries: can i play them

It was said above about, that Russian law recognizes international lotteries. That is, those, that are held on the territory of two or more countries, one of which is RF. But in fact, the entire gambling market is monopolized by the state.. That is, no international lotteries, except those, that Stoloto is organized, no. The Russian government sees this as an attempt to protect its own citizens.. Но многие из них считают происходящее монополией с целью наживы.

Most foreign websites (not international) lotteries are blocked in Russia. It complicates access, but doesn't make it impossible.

Two problems of foreign lotteries in Russia

At first, many of them sell tickets only domestically. Secondly, to visit their sites, have to use a VPN.

But not all foreign lotteries are blocked in Russia. Mostly banned, what:

  • conduct online draws;
  • presented on the websites of foreign bookmakers and casinos.

The problem of buying tickets in the country, where is the lottery, solved simply. There are many reseller sites. They buy tickets in the country, where is the lottery, and resell them, but they make a markup from 100 % to 500 %. for example, American lottery tickets in the USA are sold for $ 1–2. Foreigners buy them from dealers for $ 2–10.

Why are foreign lotteries better than Russian ones?

The main advantage is the winnings. They are measured in hundreds of millions of dollars. Practical jokes, where you can hit the big jackpot, are held regularly, rather than once a year, like Stoloto. true, the probability of winning is very low:

  • в Mega Millions — 1 to 300 million;
  • Powerball — 1 to 290 million;
  • EuroMillions and La Primitiva - 1 to 139 million;
  • EuroJackpot - 1 to 95 million.

Are foreign lotteries in demand among Russians?

They have many fans, since even with a very high ticket price, there is an opportunity to win huge money. But the lucky ones are few.

SMARTGUIDE comment: organizers of foreign lotteries do not mind, that their tickets are bought by people from abroad. The winner will have only one problem - deal with taxes.

Lotto c 2020 – full analysis, how to win

Many people call lotteries a divorce and a scam. But in reality, everything is not so simple. In short, lotteries are not much different from casinos. Only in Russia are they legalized and technically controlled by the state.

Nonetheless, lottery, where everything is set up, meet quite often. Mostly on the internet. Nobody ever won in them.

In real life, lottery owners cheat with individual draws. The scandal with the billion-dollar winnings of Nadezhda Bartosz became especially loud, which broke out on the 1st day 2020 of the year.

SMARTGUIDE found out, what is lottery: truth or divorce. And also made a list of rules, by following which you will never fall into the hook of scammers.

  1. The first lotteries in the world and a brief history of their development.
  2. The structure of lotteries in Russia.
  3. What types of lotteries are there in Russia.
  4. Foreign lotteries: can i play them.
  5. Why do people think, that Russian lotteries are a scam.
  6. Nadezhda Bartosh is a billionaire: scam or lucky chance.
  7. Russian lotteries - a scam or legalized deception.
  8. Fake lotteries.
  9. Lottery scams.
  10. Lottery: truth or deception.

The structure of lotteries in Russia

The market consists of three levels:

  • 1-and. Organizers (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Defense, Spetsstroy of Russia). Mainly taxes from lotteries are used to finance sports. The total amount of deductions from 2014 year exceeded ₽ 15 billion.
  • 2-and. Operators (Sportloto and Gosloto).
  • 3-and. Distributors. There is one distributor in Russia - JSC "Technological Company" Center "of Armen Sargsyan. It is this organization that owns the Stoloto brand.

SMARTGUIDE comment: "Stoloto" is a monopolist in the lottery market. Despite, that the operators and organizers are state-owned companies and ministries, in fact they are on the sidelines. Stoloto deducts taxes from the proceeds, and keeps the remaining profit. Because of this, legal Russian lotteries cannot be called state ones., since the government indirectly controls them.

The lottery market is not transparent. Unknown, by whom and how control is exercised, What are the parameters used to check the fairness of the draws?.

"Stoloto" independently deals with all organizational issues: issues tickets, holds draws, pays prizes. The company's revenue is growing every year. According to experts, in 2019 it reached ₽ 60 billion.

SMARTGUIDE comment: over the past few years, the number of ticket buyers and lottery participants has grown by almost 5 times - with 5 % to 24 %. This largely explains the growing performance of Sargsyan's company.

Revenue is not income

₽ 60 billion may seem like an impressive amount. But Stoloto's income is only a small part of this money. How revenue is distributed:

  • No less 50 % from the sale of all tickets goes to the formation of the prize fund. This is a requirement of the Law "On Lotteries" in force in Russia. Winnings are paid regularly. According to statements by Stoloto representatives, каждый месяц между участниками делят ₽ 1–2 млрд.
  • 10 % the difference between the proceeds and the prize fund - tax deducted to the state.

The remaining funds go to Stoloto. But this is not profit. Money is often used to print tickets, carrying out of drawings and related expenses. As a result, the company's net profit is 10-20 %.

SMARTGUIDE comment: although the law requires playing at least 50 % from ticket sales, in some Stoloto lotteries, the prize fund includes up to 80 % collected funds.

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