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New Year's lottery in spain. Fat. video

Chicken as a gift to the police in honor of the win

Throughout the history of the Christmas lottery, there have been many stories of people's reactions in the media., one day became millionaires. Some fainted and ended up in the hospital with a heart attack, others began to give gifts to others. Most curious reaction, according to journalists, there was a reaction from the owner of a poultry farm in Zaragoza in 1970 year. He found out about the win during a dispute with a policeman, who demanded from him the payment of a fine for an incorrectly parked van. Having received such great news, Manuel Peromarte, for his joy, decided to pay the fine on time and presented the policeman with a chicken.

Ugly number is a winning number

Another Christmas lottery classic is calling some numbers "ugly", making them difficult to sell. Although in the entire history of the existence of the lottery there are already many cases, when it was the "ugly" numbers that won. IN 2002 году в пункте продаж лотереи в Гранаде возникли проблемы с продажей билетов под номером 00091 (usually parts of the ticket are bought under the same number), which ended up winning. The same thing happened a year later in the city of Ourense, где несколько человек вернули билеты под номером 02150, just because they called him ugly. Lucky ones, who didn't.

Joke, which can cause heart attacks

There is nothing worse, than tell the person, who won a million, that it was the result of an error. Spanish daily newspaper Diario 16 in 1989 published the news about, that a repeat of this year's Christmas lottery is expected due to violations, arising during the counting of balls. You can imagine the reaction of the winners. Luckily for them, it was just a joke..

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