EuroMillions lottery results for 10 july 2020

Spanish lottery euromillions (5 из 50 + 2 of 12)

Some information about the prizes

You can only show your legal rights to monetary reward in that country., where the lucky ticket was purchased. In that case, when the ticket was purchased by a non-resident of the participating countries, ticket seller website support will help you collect your money.

If the jackpot has not been won during the game, then it is added to the sum for the next game. And this summation will continue until then., until it reaches its maximum amount of 190 million euros. After reaching your ceiling, the jackpot is still raffled 4 times. But if after that there is no winner, then the cherished millions will be divided among the winners of the second category. The minimum amount starts from 15 million, and to win it, you need to match all seven numbers on the ticket.

Depending on the country, where the ticket was purchased the rules for issuing winnings are correspondingly different. The best conditions for receiving prizes and the participating countries are shown in the table.

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