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Popularity rating of lottery companies in Russia in January 2014 of the year.

The rating is compiled on the basis of two objective and transparent indicators, which will help when choosing an organization. it:- the number of queries entered into the Yandex search engine per month (search region - Russian Federation);- the number of mentions of a particular company in the media, that is, in online editions of the Yandex.News news aggregator.- The most popular lottery company in Russia became “Russian lotto”, since the largest number of requests was made on it in Yandex in January of this year. This is a TV game, in which for a ticket the cost of all 50 rubles you can win not only big cash prizes, but also apartments, cars, motor boats, computers, decoration, fur coats. It all depends on the topic of a particular edition, which is timed to public holidays or memorable dates. All product prizes can be obtained in cash.

– Second place goes to “Stoloto” from 203 517 queries in Yandex. The company is the official representative of such lotteries, as “Keno”, “The slogan 5 out of 36”, “Rapid”, “Top 3” and many others.

– The third place went to the company “Interlot”, according to which the inhabitants of Russia made 36 121 a request in the Yandex search engine for the last month. It is the largest Russian operator in the field of organizing and conducting lotteries. FROM 1996 of the year “Interlot” holds the only housing lottery in Russia throughout the country “Golden Key”.This is followed by such lottery companies:- Bingo-Bum – 10591 requests;- Charity lotteries – 1 012;- LotProm - 594;- Fat - 203;- Magiklotto - 26;- Lotomatic - 14. Less than ten requests were made for such lottery companies:- WebLotoStar - 9 queries in Yandex;- Patron - 8;- – 3;- Lottery box - 2;- Best Lotto USA – 1;- Lotto Hall - 0;- LotClub – 0.

Total number of requests, produced by the above lottery companies, is 849467. 99,9% of them fall into the above three, while, as 72% – on the leader of the rating, company “Russian lotto”.

Thanks to the Yandex.Direct analytics service “Market leader” traced the interest of Russians in the generalized query “lottery” for a more thorough study of this issue.

As seen from the photo, request “lottery” was introduced by the residents of the Russian Federation 656 653 times in the Yandex search engine in the last month.

They also searched with him:- Check the lottery - 242 035 requests;- Lottery Tickets - 229 565;- Lottery check ticket - 214 553, and other requests. Also thanks to Yandex.Direct analysts “Market leader” managed to trace the dynamics of the request “lottery” for 2012 and 2013 year.- The lowest level of interest of Russians to the request “lottery” was recorded in August-September 2012 of the year (near 295 thousand requests);- The highest interest was recorded in November-December 2013 of the year (near 770 thousand requests).Yandex.Direct service provides an opportunity to trace hints, by entering which the user of the Yandex search engine can find a suitable lottery for himself:Hints:- Lottery online;- Gosloto Lottery;- How to win a million;- The slogan;- Russian lottery;- Lotto;- Win money;- How to win Lotto.

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