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Important changes in the rules for obtaining a Green Card in 2020 year

In March 2020 Years the rules for issuing immigrant visas for winners of the Green Card Lottery have undergone changes. New law entered into force, changing requirements for immigrants. Now the consul, when conducting a visa interview, must consider all lottery winners as potential recipients of financial assistance from the state after moving to the United States. How does it threaten potential Americans?

It means, that getting an immigrant visa will be much more difficult. According to the approved instructions, Visa officers will evaluate all Green Card Lottery winners entering the United States according to the following criteria:

  1. Health of the main applicant and his / her family members. Persons with serious chronic medical conditions will not be admitted to the United States, disabled, who will not be able to independently provide their residence in the United States and, highly likely, apply for social assistance. Restrictions for people, have suffered infectious or socially dangerous diseases, will also remain.
  2. Educational level and professional skills. Higher education is encouraged, but secondary vocational education, if you have a proven work experience, will not be an obstacle to obtaining a visa. Also, knowledge of the English language will be considered as a positive factor.. Knowledge of the language at a conversational level indicates that, that the immigrant will adapt faster to the new environment and spend less time looking for work in the United States.
  3. Age. Individuals have little chance of getting an immigrant visa, under 18 years, and older 61 of the year. This age is considered a threshold. After reaching 61 years, it is more difficult to find a job and adapt to new life conditions.
  4. Marital status. Having children, or other dependents, will be seen as a negative factor for obtaining an entry visa. If other positive factors outweigh, the probability of making a positive decision at the visa interview will be high. for example: family from 4 man, two adults and two children, but parents speak English, have higher education and good work experience, do not suffer from chronic diseases. This will allow them, likely, get immigrant visas.
  5. Availability of assets and finance. This is that amount, which will be brought to the USA and will allow the family to live for the first time without other sources of income. Assets mean liquid property - real estate, cars, cottages, garages, etc., which can be sold in Russia, and with this financial "pillow" immigrate to the USA.
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