RZD bonus promotion: help children, play, win prizes

Charity project & quot; help and win" - regulations

Stable Prize

The prize is given to the participant with the smallest difference between the best and the worst results during the playing period in one of the games of the Project. The prize is drawn between the participants, who have played at least three games, with zero results taken into account. When, if the difference is the same for 2 and more participants, one of them wins, whose maximum result is higher. When, if this indicator is the same for the participants, the winner will be the one applying for the prize, who is higher in the overall game rating. If no participant plays more than 2 games, the prize joins the summer prize for this month.

What prizes can be won?

Gifts before 4000 rubles:

  • Hand blender Galaxy GL 2105 300 W 5
  • Thermopot Galaxy GL 0606 5 liters 900 W 5
  • Galaxy GL food dryer 2631 350 W 5
  • Electric kettle Galaxy GL 0319 1,8l 1800 W 5
  • Stationary blender Galaxy GL 2154 450 W 15
  • Galaxy GL sandwich toaster 2959 800 W 5
  • Frying pan 20*2 for pancakes Galaxy GL 9854 800 W 55
  • Sausage bowl electric GALAXY GL2955 1
  • Electric toaster GALAXY GL2907 1
  • Sandwich toaster GALAXY GL2962 1
  • Electric yoghurt maker GALAXY GL2696 1
  • Electric citrus juicer GALAXY GL0852 1
  • Vacuum cleaner GALAXY GL6251 1
  • Food processor GALAXY GL2300 1
  • Galaxy GL6203 Garment Steamer 1
  • Planetary mixer GALAXY GL2230 (white) 1
  • Oven with two burners GALAXY GL2617 1
  • Coupon "Discount 5%"

Top gifts above 4000 rubles:

  • 1 Lada Grant car
  • 5 Samsung Galaxy smartphones
  • Certificate for the sales network for 5000 rubles (5 certificates)
  • A voucher for two to the Dubki sanatorium on 40 000 rubles (1 Trip)
  • Package for two Cruise on the Volga on 50 000 rubles

Prize drawing will take place 5 Martha 2020 of the year live , Instagram, Youtube. The results will appear on the promotion website 6 Martha.

Watch the video with the results of the prize drawing for the Pobeda store promotion “Save the budget for five years”!

[edit] About the fund

Life Line started as a rescue program for sick children in 2004 year. IN 2008 the same name charitable foundation was registered. The founders of the fund are Oleg Sysuev, Elena Topoleva-Soldunova, Andrey Bilzho. The Foundation is managed by the Foundation Council, headed by the President of the Foundation, appointed by the Council. Supervision over the activities of the Foundation is entrusted to the Board of Trustees. Президент фонда — Фаина Захарова, Chairman of the Fund Council – Oleg Sysuev, Председатель Попечительского Совета — Юрий Кобаладзе.

Life Line Charitable Foundation for the Rescue of Seriously Ill Children provides targeted assistance to children up to 18 years, whose lives are at risk due to dangerous diseases. The fund finances high-tech operations, purchase of medical equipment, medical research.

Foundation programs - proton therapy, laser surgery, rehabilitation treatment, rehabilitation after endoprosthetics, bone marrow transplant.

The Life Line Charitable Foundation supports the development of high technologies, which, thanks to his work, become available to every family in Russia. The Life Line Foundation helped to bring more 11 600 seriously ill children. The Foundation finances the treatment of children throughout Russia.

Faina Zakharova, President of the Foundation, at the ceremony of awarding the badge of honor "For Benefit".
Kremlin, 29 October 2013 of the year

What can be won

Decided to spend money on charity? Buy a postcard from the Help and Win charity project, and you will have the opportunity not only to help children, but also get bonus points of the "RZD-Bonus" program.

The monthly prize fund of the project is 600 000 points of the "RZD-Bonus" program. Prizes can be obtained for the "Crossword" games, Sudoku and Quiz, while the game "Little Engines" has the virtual "currency" of the "Help and Win" project as prizes - the so-called "little trains". Prizes are distributed based on the results of the month and according to the results of the week (read more in our Rules). Bonus points can be spent on purchasing a bonus long-distance train ticket.

За три года существования проекта «Помоги и выиграй» 1 463 участника получили 10 797 prizes: this 12 125 800 рублей и 21 928 237 points of the "RZD-Bonus" program.

Our nominations:

Grand Prize

Prize for the first place based on the results of the week / month

The middle peasant

Participant prize, took exactly the middle place in the rating

Day of the month

Participant prize, took place, pre-selected by the Organizer


Prize to the participant for the fastest passing of the game without errors

Opening of the week

Participant prize, best performing in the first week of his participation

Believe in yourself

Prize to the participant The prize is given to the participant, took the highest place among the participants, playing less 30 days

Finger to the sky

Participant prize, who showed the most average result of one game (by points)

Honorary participant

Participant prize, fifth place from the bottom


Participant prize, the first three identical results above a given minimum of which become exactly central in order among similar results of all other players


Participant prize, who showed the exact result of one game, preset by the Organizer.


Prize to one of the participants, one result of which in 2 times more than another, according to the Rules for a month


Participant prize, 2nd place at the end of the playing period

Tertsia and Frosty

Participant prize, 3rd place at the end of the playing period


Participant prize, 4th place at the end of the playing period

Summer and Autumn

Participant prize, 5th place at the end of the playing period


Prize 5 to the participants, who took the places indicated in the Rules at the end of the playing period


Participant prize, among the first to reach a given result in points of the rating by the amount of games


Participant prize, the weighted average result of games of which at the end of the playing period is the most average


Prize for the participant with the smallest difference between the best and worst results


Participant prize, ranked the same place, as last week

Read the project rules and the list of nominations, installed this month, вы можете на странице pomogionline.ru/rules/

In your personal account, you can choose games, replenish points, monitor your rating.

How to participate in the promotion?

Since 5 February to 5 Martha 2020 of the year:

  1. Make one-time purchases of goods in the Pobeda store for an amount of 1000 rubles;
  2. Save your receipts until you receive prizes;
  3. At the time of purchase, the cashier will issue a coupon;
  4. Erase the protective layer on the coupon and find the code;
  5. Coupon for "Discount 5%" gives you the opportunity to get a discount in 5% for a subsequent purchase from 500 rubles;
  6. Coupon of the Promotion "Coupon for drawing" gives the opportunity to participate in the drawing of prizes - only this coupon, or rather, a check for such a coupon must be registered;
  7. Register on the site, filling out questionnaires with personal data (FULL NAME, telephone, E-mail, Code s check (necessarily), check the consent box and click "Submit");
  8. Register the code on the official website Pobeda2020.rf;
  9. Expect a prize draw!

For the entire period of the promotion 1 participant can register no more 20 checks.

Announcement: Project "Help and Win" in August.

In August, the "Help and Win" project continues to operate in a transitional mode. For, so you don't get bored, we decided to slightly change the nominations, in which the participants will compete. We will do without new nominations this month, however, let's return some old. The end of August will also be interesting - the nominations "Lightning" and "Stable", for which participants will compete every week, will summarize and show us the fastest and most steadfast participants for each game. Besides, we will learn himself, perhaps, lucky, because "Lucky", extended for a month, it is extremely difficult to win. Finally, the prize to the first among the best remains in place.

registration? Easy!

To take part in the games and compete for cash prizes, You need to register on the site. Для этого зайдите в раздел Регистрация, fill in all the fields provided and confirm your mobile phone number with a code, sent by SMS.

After registration in your personal account you will be credited 500 game points. Participation in the games costs a certain number of points from the "Help and Win" project ("Locomotives"). You can choose one of the offered games:

  • Crossword puzzle - participation is worth 25 points
  • Sudoku - worth participating 20 points
  • Quizzes - worth it 25 points
  • "Locomotives" (three in a row) - participation is free

Lightning Prize

Prize to the participant for the fastest passing of the game without errors. In the case of a quiz, the reward is given for the fastest complete completion of the game (all 10 questions). If the absolutely best result is achieved by several participants, the prize goes to the one of them, who reached it before others.

Fastest Completion - Completion in Fastest Time. It should be noted here, that the stopwatch in the game was created for the convenience of the participant and counts his time, spent on screen with the game, however, the time of the game will be taken, elapsed from the beginning of the game to its end (ie. if the participant went to other windows or to other tabs, the game time will continue to count down).

Lucky Prize

The prize is given to the participant, the first three identical results (above the specified minimum) which, within the framework of the playing period, took the central place in order of priority among the similar results of all participants, the first three identical results of which were the same and above the specified minimum. In other words, now the winner will be the one, Who, showing three identical results above a given minimum, will be the average in the list of those who have achieved this. If there are two participants in the impromptu "center of the list", the winner of them will be the one, who got three identical results, eligible, before. When, if none of the participants achieved three identical non-zero results above the minimum during the playing period, the prize is given to the participant, achieved the three highest identical results during this period. If none of the participants during the playing period succeeds in achieving this achievement, the cash prize is added to the Opening of the Week nomination.

The minimum scores for each game are shown in the table below..




Minimum points




Dear participants of the project "Help and Win"!

Due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation in the Russian Federation, Chief Sanitary Inspector for Railway Transport of the Russian Federation yesterday, 29 Martha 2020 of the year, issued an order to ban trade in non-food products, non-essential goods, on long-distance trains. Charitable cards also fell under this ban..

Due to the ban, we are forced to temporarily suspend paid gaming activity on the site, as well as the issuance of prizes. Wherein, the deadline for issuing all prizes will be extended for the period of suspension of the project. All points already received by participants will be recorded and after the resumption of sales will be fully taken into account.

We are sure, that the epidemiological situation in our country will soon improve, and we part for a while. And in order not to get bored, we will leave you the opportunity to gradually collect points in free games.

Health to you and your loved ones!

Team of the project "Help and Win".

Equilibrium Prize

To win this nomination, you will need to take the same place in the weekly ranking at the end of the week. If more than one participant succeeds in taking the same seat, as last week, one of them wins, who will take a higher place. If none of the participants succeeds in repeating the result of the previous week, the prize will be added to the "Day of the month" prize of the month for this game.

IMPORTANT! Для многих призов имеет значение точное расположение участника в рейтинге. If the points are equal, the one of the players will be higher in the rating, who finished the game last

therefore, if several players score the same number of points, that one, who achieved this result first, will be at the lowest place, and that, who came to him later than everyone else - above the rest.

Read the project rules and the list of nominations, installed this month, вы можете на странице pomogionline.ru/rules/

Qualification Award

Prize is awarded first 20 (the number can be changed by the Organizer) to the participants, who during the playing period were able to achieve the numerical result set by the Organizer in terms of rating points earlier than others. The participant is considered to have achieved the result, if after the end of the game his total rating becomes equal to or exceeds the result, given by the organizer. Target results vary from week to week and from game to game.. When, if the result is less than 20 participants, the prize will be evenly distributed among those who have achieved, rounding down to integers, the numerical balance will be added to the "Day of the month" prize. When, if no participant achieves the desired result, the entire prize goes to the winner in the Center nomination.

Violators will be punished

Friends, throughout the year we did not have to remind you about the inadmissibility of using re-registrations in the "Help and Win" project, however, several participants, winners last week, as it turned out as a result of our investigation, already owned other accounts on the website of our project. Speech, in particular, about accounts under the nickname kislorod, AndreyK и VeraKV. well, remind! According to paragraph 4.8. Of the project rules, которые всегда можно уточнить на странице pomogionline.ru/rules/, registration by the Member of several accounts (repeated or each subsequent) not allowed. In case of re-registration in the Project, the only results subject to accounting are the results of the first account by the time and date of registration.. results, received in other accounts, ignored by the organizer, spent funds are not refundable. Dear participants, don't try to deceive us! Unfairly received prizes will be passed on to the following applicants in each category.

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