World lottery winners

Lottery Winners' Mistakes

Let's share the most depressing stories:

  1. William Bud Post III, winner in 1998 year 16 million dollars, did not take into account, which has an extremely envious brother. The latter hired a hitman to kill a relative and his wife, to collect your winnings. Fortunately for the spouses, assassination attempt failed.
  2. Improving your wealth by winning against Billy Bob Harell, broke the jackpot in the amount 31 million dollars, suddenly turned into a bad habit. He bought and bought houses, cars. When the poor fellow noticed, what the 2 spent the entire amount, He found a way out of the situation only in suicide.
  3. Evelyn Adams, winner in 5 million dollars, most of them went to casinos in Atlantic City (USA).
  4. Ron Jurkus purchased a lottery ticket, threw it into a desktop drawer and safely forgot about the purchase. Sorting out unnecessary papers after three months, for the sake of interest he checked the expired “lottery” – in due time she would have brought him 1 million dollars.
  5. Jose Antonia Cua-Toc c 2014 won the lottery 750 one thousand dollars – a huge amount for an illegal immigrant. But out of fear of legal problems, the lucky guy gave the ticket to his boss., asking him to give him the winnings. Last, as expected, took the money for myself. Only a series of courts helped restore justice.

Lottery winners in Russia, how did you make sure, – real people, in some cases do not hide their names. Even though their example of luck can inspire the purchase of lottery tickets, we must remember that, what madam luck – very moody and unpredictable lady.

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