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Latest Australia Powerball Lottery Winners.

Below is a list of the most recent Australia Powerball winners:

Date Lotto win Where the winning tickets were sold Winners
23 june 2016 AUD$ 3 million Australian dollars Queensland Anonymous winner from Southeast Brisbane, Queensland.
16 june 2016 AUD$ 3 million Australian dollars Victoria and Western Australia Lotto winnings were shared by two winners. Первая половина джекпота досталась игроку из Мельбурна, the other half - to the lucky one from Western Australia (city ​​unknown).
2 june 2016 AUD$ 6 million Australian dollars Victoria One anonymous winner is a 50-year-old man from Stoul.
19 May 2016 AUD$ 3 million Australian dollars Victoria An anonymous winner from Vantirna won the jackpot.
12 May 2016 AUD$ 3 million Australian dollars Queensland and Victoria The jackpot was divided among themselves 2 winner. One winning ticket was sold in Brisbane City, Queensland. The second half of the jackpot went to an elderly couple from Melbourne.

Australia Powerball Profit Distribution.

Australia Powerball operating profits distributed by the company, which is the lotto operator in the given territory. Today it is Tatts, which operates the Australia Powerball lottery in all territories, except Western Australia. Western Australia is operated by the government-owned LotteryWest.

The distribution of the profit of the LotteryWest operator in Western Australia is published on the official website of the organization in the public domain. According to the specified data, near 60% of all the proceeds from ticket sales of the Powerball Australia lottery draws the prize pool of the lottery draw. More 8% is a commission to lotto ticket providers and points of sale. Operating expenses are 7% arrived. Rest 25% the proceeds from Australian lottery sales go back to the treasury and go to government projects and grants to non-profit organizations.

No data has been released on the distribution of profits from the Australia Powerball lottery by Tatts Group Limited, however, it's safe to say, that a significant portion of the proceeds from the lottery also goes to fund charitable projects.

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