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My review about lotteries from Stoloto

Russia has 18 draw lotteries and more 10 instant (these are those, where to wash the protective layer). I took part in all draw lotteries. I want to share my impressions.

It should be noted, lotteries are divided into several groups. In "Stoloto" these groups are called: telelottery, lotteries with multi-million dollar prizes and fast lotteries. I'll start in order.

TV lotteries are lotteries, which are shown on TV: "Russian Lotto", "Housing lottery", "Golden Horseshoe", «6 of 36» and «Bingo-75». it, by the way, my favorite lotteries. You can buy a ticket, wait for Sunday and mark the dropped out numbers together with the hosts. I usually do this. Even if I buy tickets on the website, I will print the ticket anyway, to cross out numbers. This is already a tradition: wake up early on Sunday, pour yourself a mug of coffee and cross out the numbers on the ticket.

Of course, you can win in any of these lotteries, but I'm luckier in the "Russian Lotto". Probably, all because of that New Year's edition, with which I began my acquaintance with lotteries. Yes, and I win here most often. Let it and 100-150 rubles. I make money in other reliable ways, and this is like an attraction in the park.

There are also lotteries with multi-million dollar prizes.: "Gosloto" 4 out of 20 ", "Gosloto" 5 out of 36 ", "Gosloto" 6 out of 45 ", "Gosloto" 7 out of 49 "and" Zodiac ". Here you can win and 10, and 60, and 200 million. I remember, this year the super prize "Gosloto" 4 out of 20 "even reached one billion. But no one won this amount, and it was distributed to all the winners. Everybody got a piece of this billion.

These lotteries take place several times a day. That is, in the morning you can buy a ticket, and in the evening already wake up a millionaire. I recently read the story of the winner from Moscow, who won more 200 million rubles. She did something like that.

And the last block of lotteries is fast: "Rapido", «Rapido 2.0», «12/24», "Top 3", Keno, "Duel" and "Joker". Draws take place every 15 minutes. I have, I really feel victory: then the palm will itch, then I will see a prophetic dream. At such moments I buy a fast lottery ticket.

By the way, who participated in which lotteries? What lotteries are you most lucky in??

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