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New York lottery new york lotto - rules + instruction: how to buy a ticket from Russia

How the Viking Lotto appeared and who plays it?

Vikinglotto lottery - a joint project
Scandinavian and Baltic countries. Interestingly, she was the first
multinational lottery in Europe, even before the appearance of such famous games as EuroMillions
and Eurojackpot. Viking lotto draws were started with 17 Martha 1993 of the year.
This was preceded by negotiations between companies - organizers of national lotteries
Scandinavian countries.

IN 1992 year of TipstjänstAb (Sweden, now called SvenskaSpel), NorskTipping (Norway), DanskTipstjeneste (Denmark, сейчас DanskeSpil), ÍslenskGetspá (Iceland) and the Veikkaus lottery (Finland) entered into an agreement to release a weekly lottery, uniting all the listed countries. Так появилось Викинг лото – первая на тот период наднациональная лотерея в Европе.

In this way, at the origins of Vikinglotto
there were five states - Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. IN 2000
Estonia joined the lottery with its national lottery EestiLoto,
and in 2011 year - Latvia and Lithuania with national lotteries LatvijasLoto and Olifeja
respectively. I.e, to the second decade of the XXI century list of participating countries
Viking Lotto rose to eight and included, besides the Scandinavian states, also
all Baltic countries.

Large-scale reform of the Viking Lotto was
held in 1997 year, when the players began to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 45 and 2
additional numbers. At the same time, the cost of tickets also increased - from 2 crowns to 3
crown, which allowed to significantly increase the Vikinglotto prize fund and to award
winners every week. From that time it became enough to guess 3
main numbers, to be eligible for a prize. This norm has increased the chances
players to earn money in the lottery and, hence, led to an increase in popularity
games in scandinavian countries.

IN 1998 Viking lottery for the first time
exceeded the annual turnover in 1 billion kroons. For twenty seven years of existence
Viking lotto lottery jackpot rose to 35 million. Vikinglotto's rise in popularity has contributed to,
what in 2017 year the ninth participating country - Slovenia - joined the game.
In this way, the lottery has crossed the borders of Scandinavia and the Baltic States. By the way, in
Slovenia makes it even easier to win the lottery, than in the Scandinavian or Baltic
countries - just guess 2 main numbers, to get the first prize.

How to get a win in the Stoloto lottery?

Foreigners receive lottery money as well, like the citizens of Russia. This must be done within 6 months from the date of publication of the results. Depending on the amount and method of purchasing a lottery ticket, conditions, following:

When buying online on a website or mobile application

  • Amounts up to 15 000 рублей можно вывести на банковский счет (VISA card, MasterCard) or to payment systems Yandex.Money and QIWI.
  • To receive a win from 15 000 to 100 000 рублей необходимо пройти идентификацию у распространителя лотерей АО «ТК «Центр». To do this, you must fill out a form (it is recommended to do it before traveling to Russia) and confirm the data at the retail point of sale. Then you can transfer the winnings to a bank account or payment system.
  • Cash amounts from 100 000 rubles up to a million can be obtained at the center for paying large prizes or order a transfer to a personal account. Preliminary identification in JSC "TC" Center "is required!To order a money transfer, you need to send a set of documents to the address:109316, r. Moscow, Volgograd Prospect, d. 43, corp. 3, Joint Stock Company "Technological Company" Center ". For citizens of Ukraine, Moldavia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Of Uzbekistan, Armenia and Georgia must provide notarized translations of a set of documents into Russian.
  • Cash winnings 1000 000 and more are paid only in the "Stoloto" lottery center.

When buying a lottery ticket at points of sale

  • Winning up to 1000 rubles can be obtained at post offices, Rostelecom office, communication stores Megafon, Messenger and Euroset, as well as in the bookmaker Baltbet;
  • Сумму выигрыша до 100 000 рублей можно получить в БК Балтбет;
  • Получить выигрыш до 200 000 рублей можно в лотерейной сети Балт-лото и офисе Столото на Тверской. Also in the main office of Moscow on Tverskaya street 7 give cash prizes of any amount.

Citizens of any state by age 18+, who are permanently or temporarily on the territory of the Russian Federation, can legally try their luck and win money in the Stoloto lottery.

Good luck and big wins!

Why people choose scammers?

If you monitor the vastness of the Internet, then find information about, that TheLotter is scammers, complicated. Most of the articles and reviews vice versa, encourage people to play with the mediator. Why is it so? Likely, the reason for the good reviews is, that the players received the winnings. Yes, he was so insignificant, that the company is better to give these pennies, than hurt yourself. In this way, users, receiving a prize, rejoice, write reviews about, that this is a cool site and encourage everyone to play with TheLotter. But as soon as they start playing for high stakes, then they will fail. You will not withdraw a large amount of money. And you have to believe it. Above we have given the reviews of those, who already faced this problem. If you play for small amounts, then he can collect his first million in this way.

As they say on many sites, trying to justify scammers, there are three criteria, by which we can conclude, that the resource is not a "scam":

  • Duration of work. If the site cheats on its users, it will not last long on the market. The maximum will work 2-3 of the year. Where does this information come from?, not known. But this very much justifies the intermediary TheLotter, which works with 2002.
  • Provide a copy of the ticket. This indicates, that the service did the job of establishing contacts with distributors of lottery tickets. But is this a reason to believe in the company's sincere intentions?? I doubt.
  • The ticket price is slightly overpriced (in 2-3 times). Зелоттер зарабатывает на перепродаже билетов и комиссии с выигрыша они не берут. By the way, developers claim, Also what will pay the way in case of winning the jackpot, but in practice this was not the case.

Is it possible to participate in the Australian lotto

Before, than buying a ticket to any of the Australian lotteries, need to find out, how do they differ from other foreign games, and why Russian players should take part in them.

# 1 Big Jackpots

Earlier, Australian lotto winnings did not exceed 10.000.000 Australian dollars, but everything changed in 2007 year. Then for the first time it was played 33 million. Most major Australian lottery jackpots today start at 1.000.000 Australian dollars.

# 2 High probability of winning

The odds of winning Australian lotteries are 1 to 34 million. The best conditions are offered by games Mon & Wed Lotto и Saturday Lotto, players who get a chance to win 1 to 8 million. To make it clearer, why is it really an advantage, look at the American Powerball. The probability of winning in this lottery is only 1 to 300 million.

# 3 No taxes

Australian lottery prizes are tax deductible

It doesn't matter, how much the player gets. This is a really important feature., because in many other foreign lotteries you have to pay tax, which will be from 20 to 45 % from your winnings

# 4 Draws are constantly held

If you would like to play the Australian lottery, you don't have to wait long, because the draws take place almost every day, except Friday and Sunday. On Monday and Wednesday you can take part in Mon & Wed Lotto, Tuesday is Oz Lotto Day, the famous PowerBall Australia takes place on Thursdays, and Saturday Lotto draws are held on Saturday.

No. 5 Rules

If you have ever taken part in foreign lotteries, you can easily understand the rules of the Australian games. This is another important nuance., which raises the popularity of Australia's lotteries to the level of famous European and American games.

How can you buy a ticket safely??

Since Roskomnadzor, for reasons unknown to a wide audience, blocks intermediary websites, but they have to somehow return to the Internet, you can find them on the net under different domain names and don't even know at first. But this is not the most offensive.

A, really, offensive, that one-day sites are born on the sly, fraudulent intermediaries, who allegedly help to play European lotteries in Russia, and who will not only strip the player's seven skins, but the ticket is not provided.

So here, so as not to fall into the clutches of scammers, you need to know important information about intermediaries.

  1. Transparent mediator prefers transparent activities: the buyer has the opportunity to see the markups even before buying a ticket (on the main page or in one of the sections) and decide, is it advisable to spend such an amount on a lottery bet. To see prices, registering on a "transparent" site is optional.
  2. "Invisibles" - on the contrary, hide all important information from the visitor, and you can find out the price of a ticket, only by putting it in the cart and registering on the site.

And although commissions for intermediaries are common and not criminal (they live on it), some try not to hide anything from the buyer and are trustworthy, while others want to hide as much information as possible, and are not popular with players.

Incomplete systems

100% 2 – at 2 guessed:

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 3

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 3

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 3

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 4

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 5

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 6

Rooms: 14 – Tickets: 6

Rooms: 15 – Tickets: 7

Rooms: 16 – Tickets: 8

Rooms: 17 – Tickets: 9

Rooms: 18 – Tickets: 10

Rooms: 19 – Tickets: 11

Rooms: 20 – Tickets: 12

Rooms: 21 – Tickets: 13

Rooms: 22 – Tickets: 13

Rooms: 23 – Tickets: 16

Rooms: 24 – Tickets: 17

Rooms: 25 – Tickets: 18

Rooms: 26 – Tickets: 19

Rooms: 27 – Tickets: 20

Rooms: 28 – Tickets: 22

Rooms: 29 – Tickets: 23

Rooms: 30 – Tickets: 25

Rooms: 31 – Tickets: 26

Rooms: 32 – Tickets: 28

Rooms: 33 – Tickets: 30

Rooms: 34 – Tickets: 31

Rooms: 35 – Tickets: 32

Rooms: 36 – Tickets: 33

Rooms: 37 – Tickets: 35

Rooms: 38 – Tickets: 39

Rooms: 39 – Tickets: 39

Rooms: 40 – Tickets: 40

Rooms: 41 – Tickets: 43

Rooms: 42 – Tickets: 46

Rooms: 43 – Tickets: 49

Rooms: 44 – Tickets: 51

Rooms: 45 – Tickets: 52

100% 3 – at 3 guessed:

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 4

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 4

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 6

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 8

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 11

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 13

Rooms: 14 – Tickets: 15

Rooms: 15 – Tickets: 15

Rooms: 16 – Tickets: 24

Rooms: 17 – Tickets: 27

Rooms: 18 – Tickets: 33

Rooms: 19 – Tickets: 35

Rooms: 20 – Tickets: 45

Rooms: 21 – Tickets: 49

Rooms: 22 – Tickets: 59

Rooms: 23 – Tickets: 65

Rooms: 24 – Tickets: 76

Rooms: 25 – Tickets: 83

Rooms: 26 – Tickets: 94

Rooms: 27 – Tickets: 105

Rooms: 28 – Tickets: 120

Rooms: 29 – Tickets: 132

Rooms: 30 – Tickets: 142

Rooms: 31 – Tickets: 153

Rooms: 32 – Tickets: 165

Rooms: 33 – Tickets: 191

100% 4 – at 4 guessed:

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 5

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 6

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 10

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 17

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 24

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 30

Rooms: 14 – Tickets: 44

Rooms: 15 – Tickets: 57

Rooms: 16 – Tickets: 76

Rooms: 17 – Tickets: 99

Rooms: 18 – Tickets: 126

Rooms: 19 – Tickets: 151

Rooms: 20 – Tickets: 198

100% 5 – at 5 guessed:

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 6

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 9

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 20

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 34

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 59

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 78

Rooms: 14 – Tickets: 138

Rooms: 15 – Tickets: 189

100% 6 – at 6 guessed:

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 7

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 16

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 45

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 84

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 176

How to play foreign lotteries for Russians

Main question, which faces Russian participants - how to buy a ticket for a foreign lottery. It makes no sense to travel specifically to another country for this. The costs themselves may not pay off.

Many foreign lotteries do not provide an opportunity to purchase tickets online. They are focused on the local market and, although they do not prohibit the participation of citizens of other states, especially they are not guided by. Even if the purchase of tickets via the Internet is intended to play lotto without intermediaries, this method will work only with a good knowledge of foreign languages (at least english).

The solution to the problem can be a purchase via the Internet on the website of intermediary agents. This method is the most popular and relevant in 2019 year

It is important to choose a reliable company, so that money is not wasted or stolen by fraudsters at all

Buying tickets online through lottery intermediaries-agents without cheating

One of the largest lottery intermediary agents, working without cheating is Lotto Agent. Her idea was born in 2010 year, and the service was launched at 2012 year. During its work, the company has created a successful network of lottery agents in many countries of the world. The company is headquartered in Belize, and its offices operate in the USA, Spain, Australia, Italy.

Benefits of buying lottery tickets online through Lotto Agent

  • Buying tickets online via the Internet. Citizens of any country can buy tickets for famous foreign lotteries. To do this, it is enough to have a PC or smartphone with Internet access..
  • Fully Russian-language interface. You can play a foreign lottery over the Internet using an agent, even without knowing any foreign languages.
  • Low prices. The ticket price of foreign lotteries from an agent is only slightly higher, than national sellers. The surcharge covers employee services.
  • Wide choose. The company offers tickets for more 20 national lotteries. US offers available, Europe and other countries.
  • Reliability. Customer, playing foreign lotto through an agent, sees a scanned copy of the ticket and can independently check the entire course of the prize drawing. The whole process takes place without cheating, because everything is under control and transparent!
  • Support. If the client is lucky to win the foreign lottery, then the company will definitely notify him about it. If you have any questions, you can always contact support.

Is it possible to buy foreign lotteries in Russia?

To buy the popular world lottery, You need to know the correct link, where you can buy foreign lotteries without cheating, where people are engaged in lotteries professionally and for many years have earned respect in the lottery market, erasing state borders and kilometers of oceans. I will not torment you, here is a link to a trusted and trusted site, which will help you play foreign lotteries:

  • Tired of the lottery, where instead of a lottery drum, a muddy and incomprehensible random number generator once and for all sat down?
  • Not fun to play lotteries, in which there are several draws a day?
  • Forgot about the excitement of waiting for the start of circulation?
  • Tired of questionable internet lottery offers?

Everyone will find a lottery to their liking, the world is full of interesting lotteries, choose yourself, do not limit yourself to anything!

How to buy popular foreign lotteries

The purchase of a lottery ticket is arranged and works according to the following scheme:

  • You choose the lottery that interests you
  • Fill out a virtual lottery ticket (choose numbers to play)
  • Specially trained person, let's call it conditionally "Agent" goes to the seller of your chosen lottery, fills in the ticket with the numbers you selected.
  • The paid ticket is scanned and shown to you before the start of the draw.
  • The winnings are credited to your account in full, you will be notified by SMS and e-mail when you win!

Everything is very simple and obvious.. As is obvious and then, that the Internet erases the boundaries of space, shortening the time, accelerating the normal course of events and life!

Foreign lotteries, what is the risk of playing them?

You risk nothing, except for the money put on the game. Actually, as usual in any other lottery. However, you can become the first resident of the former Soviet Union to win the jackpot of hundreds of millions of dollars or euros in a foreign lottery.

There can be no doubt and deception. The site has existed since 2002 of the year, works for 14 languages! Excellent and prompt Russian-language support. For the most suspicious, to dispel all doubts, there is the following guarantee: you can return the money for the first purchase in full, if something does not suit you!

Paying taxes on a foreign lottery

You will receive your winnings net of tax, provided in the country and on the territory of the lottery organizer, if such tax is provided. However, often happens, that lottery winnings are completely tax-free.

Is it possible to participate in foreign lotteries?

You can take part in a foreign lottery, like any other person. Imagine, that you went abroad, walking in an unfamiliar city, go to the store, and buy a local lottery ticket ..., everything is just like that, with the only difference, that a specially trained agent will buy a lottery ticket instead of you and give it to you.

How to win in a foreign lottery

To win the overseas lottery, lottery first need to buy! And in the methods and strategies of the game, no one limits you! There are many different lottery strategies described in our blog, you can use them.

How to get the jackpot

If you win the jackpot, then it will be presented to you personally. The site will organize and pay for your trip abroad to register your winnings!

Benefits of foreign lotteries

  • A wide variety of different lotteries, everyone will find something suitable for themselves.
  • Large, HUGE jackpots! Possession of a jackpot equivalent in 20 million rubles excites your mind? No? So here, jackpots of world lotteries reach amounts of more than one to two billion rubles! Billion rubles! Have no doubts, that all your previous life you played the wrong lotteries?
  • Honesty. It can be reliably asserted, that the most popular lotteries in the world are held as honestly as possible. Over the years, no one had any doubts about the honesty of lotteries. All winnings have been paid in full and in full, no matter how big the amount is.

Which foreign lottery is better to play?

The choice of the lottery is a purely individual matter. You can play the lottery, which you like more for some of your preferences, either play the lottery, in which the maximum jackpot has been accumulated at the moment.

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Why Lotto Agent?

Service exists since 2012 years and is considered to be one of the most reliable lottery dealers.

Advantages of Lotto Agent:

  • High appreciation of the service by customers. Among 800 reviews left on trustpilot, 97% - positive.
  • Many payment methods: by card of any bank of the Russian Federation, through payment systems Yandex.Money, WebMoney, Qiwi и Skrill, through online banks Sberbank and Promsvyaz, from mobile phone number.
  • Notifications about the results of the draw are received immediately after the end of the broadcast.
  • The winnings are transferred to the client's account within 3 hours after the end of the broadcast. Topics, who won the jackpot, service assists in receiving cash prizes.
  • Each new user of the service receives a discount 10% for the first ticket. After payment, the dealer gives the newcomer a free ticket using the Welcome promo code.

German lottery – German lotto

The most popular lottery in the territory Germany - lotto 6 of 49, which has been held since the beginning of the 70s of the last century. Draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with six main lottery balls ranging from one to forty-nine used in the German Lotto draw. There is also a superball (super number) - he is selected from ten. The ticket price is one euro. The jackpot starts from one million and if it is not drawn in the current draw, then it goes to the next. The table below shows the categories of winnings.


Number of coincidences



6 major + super ball

1 to 139 838 160


6 main balls

1 to 13 983 816


5 major + super ball

1 to 2 330 636


5 main balls

1 to 54 201


4 major + super ball

1 to 22 196


4 main ball

1 to 1 032


3 major + super ball

1 to 812


3 main ball

1 to 57

The biggest jackpot in German lotto to date was won in December 2007 of the year, when the three lucky ones received a total of more than forty-four million euros. Lottery winnings are tax-free in Germany. You can familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of taxes on lottery winnings in different countries in the article lottery taxes.

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