Norway lotto

Features of the gambling legislation of Norway

The age limit for gambling is 18 years. Topics, who is under this age, only scratch cards allowed. Interesting, that citizens are allowed to hold gambling parties at home - until then, until it turns into business.

The government is systematically trying to oust foreign companies from the Norwegian market. In June 2010 years, the authorities approved the law, according to which all Norwegian banks are not allowed to service credit and debit cards, used in land-based and online casinos around the world.

Players are required to submit tax returns on winnings, received outside Norway.

How Norwegian lotteries are regulated?

Lottery and other gambling in Norway has always been very strictly regulated. According to the Norwegian code from 1902 of the year, only those games were legal, which were offered by holders of special licenses of competent organizations. Consequently, in fact the games were banned, and illegal operators were punished harshly.

Legislative acts, which followed later, slightly softened the situation:

  • IN 1927 the Totalisator Act was released;
  • IN 1992 – Gaming Act;
  • IN 1995 – Lottery Act.

These laws gave the state a gambling monopoly. Act 1927 years laid the foundation for the legalization of horse racing, controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture. Normative act 1992 gave Norsk Tipping exclusive lottery and football betting rights. The Ministry of Culture and Church acts as a supervisory authority..

Act 1995 year was more general and described everything types of lotteries and games. He allowed social institutions to organize gambling, for the benefit of society.

How slot machines are controlled?

Total revenue from slot machines grew at the following pace:

  • 1990 - ENOUGH 200 million (USD 24,32 billion);
  • 2001 - ENOUGH 9 billion (USD 1,09 billion);
  • 2004 - ENOUGH 26 billion (USD 3,16 billion).

IN 2004 year, slot machines brought 64% revenue "on the ground" and 43% online revenue. This growth was due to the fact, that slots were poorly regulated by law. The Lottery Act gave the right to gamble only to charitable organizations. But, wherein, he did not forbid private companies to cooperate with these organizations, place slot machines and share the proceeds.

Beginning with 2002 years, the Norwegian authorities began to take action. They began to limit the number of machines, since along with the growth of the industry, the number of gambling problems has also increased, eg, gambling addiction. The Norwegian government has completely banned slot machines in 2007 year. IN 2009 interactive video terminals appeared – new shape of slots. To play them, special card required.

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