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How to pay taxes on winnings at bookmakers in 2020 year? we explain all the nuances - knowledge base "rb"

Great Britain: from 9% no player tax

Bookmakers in the UK were legalized back in the 1960s. Since then, the legislation has changed several times, but the players received freedom from taxes only recently - in 2001 year. Once upon a time people could choose, pay to the treasury from a bet or from a win (different percentage), then a single tax on winnings was introduced in 9%. But with the development of the Internet, British players, so as not to lose money, more and more often went to offshore online bookmakers. Then in 2001 year, the tax burden was entirely on the shoulders of bookmakers. The last tax reform was carried out just a month ago - in December 2014 of the year. Now besides bookmakers, working through betting points, pay those, who serves UK players online

And it doesn't matter, in which country the online bookmaker is registered - he either receives a license, works with the British and pays the "point of consumption tax" in 15%, or ceases to serve Her Majesty's subjects

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