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At this point we have collected those places of the island of Mauritius, which will be of interest to tourists regardless of gender and marital status. First of all, this is the main wonder of the island - the colorful sands of Chamarel. Spacious dunes are painted in seven vibrant colors, moreover, sand of different colors is very quickly separated into layers, even if you mix it well. Another must-see is the sacred Hindu city of Gran Bassin: the majestic temple stands on the shore of a calm, clean lake, where to, if you believe the stories of local residents, fairies came to swim.

Mauritius will make a lasting impression on those, who loves outdoor recreation: huge national park, trekking to the top of the volcano, a series of waterfalls, ylang-ylang plantations - it is simply impossible to single out the most beautiful corner here. There is a lot of entertainment here., sports-related: horse rides, golf, tennis, cycling, kayaks and kayaks, even paragliding.

The last place on our list, definitely worth seeing in Mauritius, - this is Cape Malorö (Cap Malheureux), dubbed "Unlucky" for a wild uninhabited landscape with one single old church on the edge of the cliff. This is the best place, to feel acutely like a grain of sand in a vast world, tiny, but completely happy!

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