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MSL lotteries

  1. National Lottery Sportliga from the company MSL. – long-term leader of the betting market of Ukraine in the field of sports betting. Today it is – football betting, basketball, hockey, tennis, volleyball, boxing, handball, futsal. Representative offices and points of reception of Sports League bets are in all regions of Ukraine – from large cities to small villages. By registering on the official website, non-stop, to bet online on sports.
  2. MSL instant lotteries”united under the brand ”QUICK PLAY ”. The appeal of instant lotteries lies in words: win here and now! – It's easy to play, and you will learn about your luck instantly.
  3. State Lottery ”Megalot ” (Ukraine) is based on the Sportloto game and is produced by MSL. The most common game due to the ratio ”probability of winning size ”.
  4. Sports forecast – the only state lottery in Ukraine, in which the jackpot is played. Reaches many hundreds of thousands of hryvnia! Zirvete jackpot, if you guess the results of the meetings 12 pairs of teams, most often football, included in the circulation program. Winnings are also paid for 11 and 10 guessed results.
  5. TOP TYPE – new lottery Lottery Fun. Now you can play every day throughout Ukraine! This game is for beginners and connoisseurs of gaming.
  6. State lottery Race for money – this is a unique lottery, which is significantly different from traditional ones, – modern, dynamically, exciting! Based on new modern technologies, which have rapidly invaded our lives recently. You can play the Race for Money in the branded lottery stores MSL LOTO market, equipped with a modern computer”computer and television equipment.
  7. Lottery WHO'S THERE – gain in size 1 million hryvnias waiting for the lucky one. There are also winnings on 100 000 UAH, 10 thousand hryvnias, 100 UAH. Betting on 10 UAH, you get a good chance to get a hundred thousand times more and become the owner of your own home. You can buy a WHO THERE lottery ticket at the MSL lottery point of sale.
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