Lotto in America

American lottery new york lotto - how to participate from russia

How TheLotter works

As we wrote above, this organization acts as an intermediary. At first sight, their scheme seems quite harmless and logical, and if you do not get to the bottom of the truth, you can believe it.

Zelotter buys an "official" ticket for any foreign lottery on your behalf. They scan it and paste a copy into your account, thereby enable the player to see the serial number of the ticket, place of purchase and date. Thus, the user is convinced of the authenticity of the ticket.. Everything seems to be fair, because you can always look at the copy. The original voucher is kept in theLotter office itself., если он конечно существует.

But then another question, who might need intermediaries?

The answer is obvious. You can't buy tickets from world operators in Russia. It means, that an intermediary is required. It is he who must place the purchase in the name of the customer. But the question immediately pops up: “Aren't these intermediaries?»

They, who carry out the drawings have all the necessary licenses, and they are officially registered. In this case, it makes sense to trust them with your money.. There are no such guarantees with intermediaries. There are scammers here and even the description of the company does not always help. Before taking the risk, you need to study the reviews of real people.

The disadvantages of working with intermediaries are the ticket price. Sometimes agents sell them with a wrap up several times relative to the initial cost. They approve, that the money goes to pay for the work of the staff and, accordingly, the percentage for the service itself.

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