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What is Green Card Lottery?

American Green Lottery
Card is significantly different from all other US lotteries. It is held in
within the program "Diversity Immigrant Visa" and as the only prize
favored American residence permit, giving the right of permanent residence in
United States of America and resident status.

The Green Card Lottery is held by the State
by the US Department in the interest of attracting to the United States of America
able-bodied people and the popularization of the United States in the world as a whole.

Such a residence permit
can be obtained in five ways: marriage with a citizen or citizen
USA, obtaining an invitation to work in the USA, providing US political
asylum, the presence of close relatives, who received a green card, and winning the Green Card lottery. Since the American
Green Card lottery does not involve any additional effort, other than
filling out an application, she is very popular all over the world.

For those, who attracts America, this lottery is very attractive. The green card drawing for them is the only opportunity to get an American residence permit and related opportunities for further study without any effort., employment, in general - a complete change in lifestyle.

The US Green Card lottery participates in at least 10 million people around the world. The bulk of applications for participation come from countries in Africa and Asia, as well as from the states of the post-Soviet space, including the Russian Federation.

Usually, the annual Green Card lottery draws 50 thousand residence permits. It means, that every 200th person, who took part in the program, can get a green card to America! Agree, chances of success, provided by the lottery, pretty big, including, when compared to games, in which the main prize is money.

Its useful to note, what
Electronic Green Card Lottery can only be run by government
US structures. Therefore, any other organization, suggesting to fill
applications for money, at best, act only as intermediaries in the drawing

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