Lotto game “cuper bingo”

Play various bingo games, rules and regulations


Playing bingo , the player most often chooses one, two, three or four cards, participating in the drawing. During the game, you can use the original set of cards or activate new ones for each new round. A rate is assigned for each round. The size of the bet per round depends on the bet on one card and the number of involved cards in the game.

Among the features of bingo slot machines are:

  • Unusual placement of winning numbers (the letter M or W, zigzag, square). The reward depends on the difficulty of drawing the designated figure on the playing field;
  • Ability to "pick up" additional balls to compose winning sequences of numbers. The cost of the extra ball changes depending on the value of the combination..

Popular bingo machines

Поскольку бинго игры работают по схожему принципу и различаются в основном визуально, the most popular are variants of well-known manufacturers. These include:

  • Mayan Bingo (Microgaming)
  • Bruno Bingo (Greentube)
  • Pop Bingo (Playtech)
  • Classic Bingo (1×2 Gaming)
  • Extra Bingo (Wazdan).

Mayan Bingo is Bingo, где можно сыграть на 1-4 maps. The prize locations of the numbers are indicated in the graphic diagrams above the playing field.. The function of activating extra balls for additional credits is available. If the player covers the entire card during the first 28 balls, he gets the jackpot.

Bruno Bingo also uses up 4 kart, and 30 balls during each round. If the potential winnings exceed the total bet in 40 time, the user can open extra balls with additional numbers. The teddy bear ball plays like a wild symbol, replacing missing numbers (no more than one number per line). Special combinations activate the bonus game with the spin of the Wheel of Fortune and the drawing of additional credits. The jackpot is played on the slot.

Pop Bingo - Bingo game, which involves only one card with three lines. Each line contains five numbers. When you press the Play key, balls with numbers are activated. In one round drops 75 balls. The user's task is to close all numbers as soon as possible, indicated in the card. If it was possible to do this when the first 40 balls, the player will receive a reward in the amount of 1 000 bet on the card. With each new five balls, the size of the reward decreases.

Classic Bingo, like the previous example - a game using one card, which has fifteen numbers. The player's goal is to find matches as soon as possible. Having crossed out all the numbers in the card for the first forty balls dropped, user gets the highest reward. With the disclosure of new numbers (up to 90) the prize decreases.

Extra Bingo is somewhat like a roulette game. At the beginning of the round, the player selects ten random numbers in the table from 90 available, then starts the spin of the lottery drum. Depending on whether, how many numbers matched in the end - prize money is awarded. Minimum Prize Match - 4 event.

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