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Stoloto - how to play, regulations:

At first, you must register on the STOLOTO website (indicate name, mail, phone and age).

Secondly, you must top up your wallet in stoloto.

Thirdly, choose game, ticket and pay for it in a convenient way. This can be done in various ways., since this company works with many e-wallets, plus money can be deposited using - mobile account, plastic card or terminal.

The wallet can be topped up for no more than 300 000 rubles, but in fact it may be 600 000 rubles. Lottery, which you need is selected on the website or in the Stoloto application. After buying a ticket, you can scan it and find out the details, whether the circulation has passed or not.

If your ticket is lucky and you win a certain amount of money, then the prize can be withdrawn in several ways:

  • To 100 000 rubles - in your personal account they can be withdrawn in a convenient way for you, but if the amount is more 40 000 rubles, then you will need to go through personal identification.
  • To 300 000 rubles - can be obtained only at the center for issuing large prizes. They are in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.
  • From 300 000 rubles - since these are huge amounts, then they are issued and issued only in the STOLOTO center in the capital of the Russian Federation.

More details: How to withdraw money from Stoloto to a card, wallet or mob. telephone

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