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How to increase your chances of winning a New Year

Each, who buys a lottery ticket wants to get a guaranteed prize and win a large sum. But this is not guaranteed by any lottery. Be sure to read the article on our website about the secrets of winning big money.

TOP 4 tips on how to win New Year's billion

  1. Purchase of several tickets at once using the Multi-bet function. In this case, even if he doesn't win 1, can win another. The chances of winning a big win are multiplied by the number of tickets. You can buy them as for yourself, as a gift.
  2. Online ticket purchase on the Stoloto website. The selection of available tickets at points of sale is limited. The lottery supermarket not only simplifies the purchasing process, but also offers a wide range of tickets to choose from.
  3. Purchase of the "All numbers" set. It is available for online purchase on the Stoloto website. It includes 5 tickets, where all numbers from 1 to 90. According to statistics, such a set significantly increases the chances of winning..
  4. Using the Favorite Numbers feature. It allows you to choose 7 your favorite or lucky numbers. The system will automatically select tickets, where these numbers are most abundant.

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A year without worries - an additional promotion

When buying from 5 New Year's tickets on the official lottery website - STOLOTO, You additionally participate in the "Year without worries" promotion. The winner of the promotion will receive 1.2 million. rubles throughout 2020 of the year. I.e, the company will pay you monthly 100 thousand rubles.

To participate in the promotion, you must complete 3 conditions

  • Buy a ticket online on the STOLOTO website.
  • The number of tickets must be at least 5 PC. You may not buy right away 5 PC, until the end of sales at 1316 circulation.
  • Register your ticket numbers on a special page.

Ticket price and how to buy "Russian Lotto Billion"

To try your luck and try to win a billion, just buy a ticket for the New Year's lottery. A wide network of points of sale and the use of various channels for selling tickets greatly simplify this task..

Ticket price - 100 p. The cost does not depend on the method of purchase. You can choose a convenient option for yourself. But it is recommended to purchase them online..

Until what date can you buy a New Year's lottery ticket??

You can buy a New Year lottery ticket online or through points of sale before 11 in the morning (by Moscow time) 1 january 2020 of the year. After the specified time, sales stop. All unused tickets are returned by the organizer for subsequent destruction in accordance with the rules and internal regulations.

Purchase of tickets "Russian Lotto" is possible in the following ways

  • Via Stoloto website. This is the official online ticket seller, complying with all legal requirements. On it you can buy tickets for various lotteries for the New Year holidays ("Russian Lotto", "Gosloto", "Zodiac", Housing lottery). Very comfortably, that you can buy a ticket online not only for yourself but also a gift to your family and friends.
  • At official points of sale. These include lottery kiosks and machines, communication salons, Russian Post offices. This method of purchasing tickets is available even in the absence of an Internet connection and is especially in demand by pensioners..
  • Using the Stoloto app. Suitable for those, who has already bought tickets online. It is available to device owners, running Android and iOS. For users of gadgets with other operating systems, a mobile version of the lottery supermarket website is available.

Purchase by registering a personal account

Attention! You can buy tickets on the lottery website without registration, by registering in advance. We recommend, before buying, first register on the site, and then buy tickets

Registration is different in that, that besides the phone number, You will also indicate your email and name. This will allow you to have a personal account on the site and keep track of all winnings, receive money for electronic balance, output in various ways, etc..

Tinkoff promotion: Cashback 25% for the first 5 shopping on the Stoloto website

When applying for a Tinkoff debit or credit card and activating a special offer in the Internet or mobile bank, you can buy tickets on the Stoloto website with cashback 25%. Considering cashback 25%, at the time of buying 5 tickets, 1 you will get it as a gift.

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