Estonian lotteries

Estonian lotteries

What's trash for one, then for another treasure

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IN 1988 year, the US Supreme Court in the case of California v. Greenwood delivered a verdict, that the United States Constitution does not prohibit digging through trash, left outside the area adjacent to the house, and pick it up. In other words, all, that some people threw out in a public place, others may be considered "legitimate prey". This solution helped to avoid harassment for poor people and other hobbyists to explore the contents of dumpsters.. Yes, yes, amateurs! There are people, who like to dig in the trash and find valuable things there. And sometimes their findings are simply amazing!

Winning lottery ticket for $1 million.

Kevin Donovan, mechanic from Massachusetts, often went to White Hen Pantry supermarket and bought instant lottery tickets. For a year he spent more than 2 one thousand dollars.

One evening Donovan looked into the supermarket again and bought immediately 50 tickets. However, wiping off the protective coating and realizing, that nothing was won, Kevin crumpled all lottery tickets and threw them in the trash can, near the exit from the store.

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