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The basis of the legislation in the field of organizing and conducting lotteries is the Federal Law "On Lotteries" No. 138FZ dated 11.11.2003 of the year. FROM 2014 year in Russia was introduced a state monopoly on the conduct of lottery games. Сегодня есть только два организатора лотерей: Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Sports.


According to European Casino in order to develop the casino slot machine industry, located outside the casino, were banned by the Polish government in 2010 year, and in 2015 year the Constitutional Tribunal upheld this ban. However, the laws, which entered into force in April 2017 of the year, create a state monopoly within Totalizator Sportowy on the operation of slot machines outside the casino, as well as plans to create a number of new play points. The only authorized operator of online gambling is the state-owned company Totalizator Sportowy, which almost 60 million dollars for 2018 year.


Законные лотереи и законы о лотереях варьируются в зависимости от штата в Индии. В настоящее время в 13 states allowed lotteries, в то время как остальные запретили их. Нет национального запрета, but after the decision of the Supreme Supreme Court of India from 2015 of the year, individual states decide, разрешать ли лотереи или нет. Государства имеют право контролировать лотерейные игры в своей конкретной юрисдикции (not internationally) and provide, that all lottery draws are fair and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the particular game.


China has a general ban on gambling, and the casino can only be found in the Macau Special Administrative Region, где действуют другие законы. Однако для лотерей сделано исключение, and the government holds official games, which are not considered gambling.

Официальные лотереи Китая можно разделить на две категории — Китайская лотерея благосостояния и Китайская спортивная лотерея. Эти две организации управляют авторизованными играми, who raise money for public welfare and sports development, and the government has pledged to direct the market to these legal lotteries due to concerns about, how much of the country's gambling income remains in the shadows.

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Indeed, Nurlan Nigmatulin was not mistaken in citing Finlandia as an example as a country, earning from lottery activities. According to the official data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Finland, profits from gambling are used to support the public interest, based on the funding and development of sports and physical education, science, arts, youth work, health and social welfare, коневодства и конного спорта. Годовой доход от азартных игр составляет 1,1 billion euros.

Lottery Law was passed in 2002 year. Reform awaits Finns this year, aimed at further preventing and reducing the negative impact of gambling.

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