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Spanish National Christmas Lottery El Gordo Navidad (“El Gordo wrote”)

Christmas Spanish Lottery, which appeared in 1812 year, takes place only once a year before Catholic Christmas - 22 December. “El Gordo Navidad” not just a lottery, it's a whole national event. Very popular due to the main prize, the jackpot is several million euros, and the prize fund is several billion euros. 70% Money, proceeds from ticket sales, go to the game fund.

Lottery rules differ from others. The ticket has its own number from 0 to 99 999 and consists of 10 parts. In total produced by 180 tickets with the same numbers. Full tickets cost about 200 euros, and the chance to win is 1 to 3. Only part of the ticket can be purchased. People often cooperate and buy a full ticket together.

At the moment of the drawing, two reels are spinning, in one – ticket numbers, in the second – prize amounts. The minimum winning is 1000 euros, but everything is played out 100 prizes. A nice bonus of this lottery is that, that the prize is not split among multiple winners, and everyone is paid the full value of the prize.

Participation without intermediaries can only be accepted by residents and guests of Spain.

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