25 years of the uk national lottery

British National Lottery

Carries over to the next draw, "Dropping" the prize and "mandatory" draws.

The jackpot can be carried over for a maximum of five consecutive draws, before it is played without fail. If the jackpot has not been drawn within five draws, there is a “mandatory” draw (Must Be Won). The jackpot must be drawn in it, even if no one guessed all six numbers. If there are no Match winners in such a draw 6 ("Guessed 6 numbers ") the jackpot is dropped, and the money is distributed among all winners of the lower levels, winnings from the Match level 3 ("Guessed 3 numbers ") and higher.

When the prize drops, a certain percentage of the jackpot is transferred to each prize level from the Match 3 ("Guessed 3 numbers ") to Match 5 + Bonus ("Guessed 5 rooms + bonus ») and is distributed among all winners of each level. The table below shows the percentage transferred and the approximate amount of the increase for each individual prize:

Combination Initial prize Reduced prize
5 + "Bonus" ball 1 £ million 1.2 £ million
5 1 750£ 10 000£
4 140£ 500£
3 30£ 100£

Match Prizes 2 ("Guessed 2 numbers ") do not qualify for a share of the jackpot, since they do not involve cash payments. Their holders still receive one free Lucky Dip ticket as a prize..

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