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3 place - Jamie Gold (USA) — WSOP Main Event 2006 — $12 000 000

3 place - Jamie Gold

WSOP Main Event 2006 collected the largest prize pool - $82 512 162 and the largest number of participants - 8.773. Tournament Winner - Jamie Gold Takes The Third Biggest Poker Winner In History - $12 million!

Jamie received the most criticism of all WSOP Main Event winners. Opponents were angered by his defiant behavior at the final table. But most of all they were touched by the incredible, just fantastic luck Gold, which time after time received the card, the only thing he needed at that time! Jamie began participating in the tournament as part of a team of movie stars and, let's face it, I didn't feel any respect from other poker players. But Gold was so unstoppable, what seemed, it is he, and not his rivals are the true professional here.

After the victory, Jamie was repeatedly sued by his pals in an attempt to chop off a hefty chunk of his prize money $12 000 000 - they say, Gold promised to give half of his winnings for the services they rendered.

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