Lottery cheating or not

Russian Lotto gives a free ticket: truth or divorce

Russian lotto 25 years

The essence of deception is, so that you believe in Stop Game with winning ticket no. 443789221. The alleged combination "square", which you have never even opened, turned out to be winning. And where are you, if you see this site for the first time and have not previously participated in the Russian Lotto?

The ticket is not real and you will not receive any money for it. If you go to the issue of the prize, a page opens with a request to pay the fee 398 rubles. Then you will allegedly transfer the winnings to the card through 10 minutes. There is also a choice to receive money by mail, ordering delivery for 1500 rubles.

The prize distribution center is somehow unavailable, although it is safest to receive money there. But we already know, that there is no center and no prize. The scammer just made up the duty and shipping costs. The prefabricated website - 100 % scam. Everything on the page is fake, including chat with comments, which the author wrote himself. It is impossible to leave a message in this chat.

All-Russian official lottery has prepared a series of additional payments for gullible citizens:

  • Сервисный платеж 398
  • Сервисный платеж 1500
  • Сервисный платеж 890
  • Сервисный платеж 990
  • Сервисный платеж 980
  • Сервисный платеж 970
  • Сервисный платеж 1440
  • Сервисный платеж 1280
  • Сервисный платеж 1590
  • Сервисный платеж 2030
  • Сервисный платеж 2340
  • Сервисный платеж 2840
  • Сервисный платеж 1490
  • Сервисный платеж 1470
  • Сервисный платеж 620

Other names for this project:

  • AO Gosloto;
  • Russian Lotto;
  • The slogan;
  • All-Russian official lottery;
  • Russian Lotto free ticket;

Don't believe, if you see an inscription: "Your payment is completely ready to be sent". It's just an old gimmick, to make you pay for a non-existent prize. Russian Lotto project - scam.

The authors do not hide this. Here is an excerpt from the custom
agreements, where it is written in black and white, that the project does not pay:

agrees, that the product is a game and all references to income are
fictional, being part of the gameplay, which by no means
equate to real money, do not promise or guarantee
getting by user in real life, mentioned in the process of passing
cash games. Starting to use the product, the user understands and
accepts the fact, that he is involved in the gameplay, only imitating
property relations and guarantees, what on his part about
administration, no claim of property or
of a different nature ".

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