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Lottery “Euromillions” – Euromillions

The most famous lottery not only in Europe, but all over the world. Its popularity can be easily explained.. She is old enough, the first draw took place in 1994 year. The number of participants includes about 9 countries, therefore the jackpot can be hundreds of thousands of euros. Her rules, like all number lotteries, simple, need to guess 5 numbers from 50 and 1 of 12.

Live broadcasts of the draws are held on the BBC channel 1 on Tuesdays and Fridays. If the winner of the jackpot has not been determined, then the prize goes to the next draw. The maximum jackpot is 190 million, it can be played out 4 circulation in a row. If there is no winner, then the jackpot will be distributed among the winners of the next category. The chance of winning the top prize is approximately 1 to 140 millions. The prize can be received within six months after the drawing..

Only residents of the participating countries and people can take part in the lottery, who bought tickets, being on the territory of such a state. But there is an opportunity to participate in the lottery for all other people - this is to buy a ticket through intermediaries. Sites, selling lottery tickets, enough. An important rule is, that the participant must be of legal age, t. is. reached 18 years. For UK citizens, the minimum age is 16 years. Winning taxes vary by country, in which the ticket was purchased.

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