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Evolution of the Eurojackpot lottery format

For a relatively short period of its existence, the Eurojackpot lottery managed to amend its rules for everything 2 times.

First time took place 31 january 2013 of the year, when the limit on the number of accumulations of the main prize of the Eurojackpot lottery was officially lifted, which up to this point was 12. She was replaced by the maximum jackpot limit, which was set at € 90 million.

10 October 2014 year, changes were made to the Eurojackpot lottery number matrix itself. The sample of additional Euro numbers has been increased from 8 to 10. Thus, the overall chances of players to disrupt the main prize have decreased.. The probability of guessing the entire winning combination fell from 1 on 59.3 million to 1 on 95.3 million. But even despite this change, the Eurojackpot lottery remained one of the most profitable in terms of the probability of winning the jackpot., among all the major lotteries in the world! At the same time, the format change allowed the prize pool to accumulate more often and eventually reach its possible maximum of € 90 million.

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