Bingo Lottery-75

How to play stoloto: fundamental rules

How to receive the money?

To get a well-deserved prize, the winner should contact the official representative of "Stoloto", present a lottery ticket and passport. But depending on the amount you owe you should keep in mind some details.:

  • prize to 2 thousand roubles. issued at lottery ticket distribution points;
  • prize to 100 thousand roubles. can be transferred to the Stoloto wallet or picked up at points of sale;
  • prize from 100 thousand roubles. transferred to a personal account after sending the corresponding set of documents by regular or express mail to the address 109316, Moscow, Volgograd Prospect, d. 43, corp. 3, JSC "TD" Stoloto ";
  • prize from above 1 million. rub. I receive exclusively by bank transfer, and for paperwork, you must personally visit the central office.

According to the latest innovations with 1 january 2018 of the year, if the amount, won in the lottery, exceeds 15 thousand roubles., then the tax is withheld when it is paid. When the size of the prize does not exceed this limit, then you need to pay the interest yourself.

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