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The most winning lotteries in russia (list, statistics 2018-2019 of the year, player reviews)


This lottery is also often marked with winnings., which can range from token amounts, only partially covering the cost of the ticket, and up to quite impressive amounts.

And here is the most striking example - more 29 million rubles. Nadezhda Mukhametzyanova, an unemployed resident of Ufa received a very big win, but her family did not manage to dispose of it properly. The purchased luxury apartment burned down, two cars - wrecked in serious accidents, children dropped out, guests and relatives often visit the apartment, attracted by gratis drinks and snacks. The very favorite of fortune died a few years after the win - the middle-aged body could not stand it.

Fortunately, other winners of this lottery won not so much impressive amounts, which means, received less blow. But still, this allowed Bingo to get into the most winning lotteries.

FAQ - answers to the most frequently asked questions

Lottery is a complex mechanism, which includes not only organizers and participants.

Many interesting and important questions arise, related to rules, conditions and just money. We answered the most popular and important ones.

Question 1. What is the tax on winnings?

In Russia, this figure is 13%. The winner is obliged to include the prize money in the general income tax return or receive the winnings already taking into account the tax deduction. for example, you won a million rubles. The first option is to get your hands on it, after pay tax equal 130 000. The second option is to get 870 000 already including tax deduction.

Question 2. How to increase your chances of winning?

Here it is worth turning to the theory of probability. This science gives a definite answer.. To maximize the chances of the desired outcome, need to increase the number of attempts.

The same principle applies to the lottery, only the number of "balls in a bag" is much higher. Buying more tickets increases your chance of winning, albeit slightly.

Question 3. How to choose a ticket, to win?

There is no answer to this question, otherwise everyone would be millionaires, and the organizers went around the world. It all depends on your luck, and it cannot be mathematically measured.

In my youth, I used to play instant lotteries, as the owner of a "light hand", but never received large sums. Conspiracies, psychics, fortune-tellers won't help, you will only lose your money. The above is described in detail, how probability theory works, and it is impossible to influence it by such means.

Question 4. What is the biggest win in the world?

American Powerball is considered the record holder. IN 2016 the largest jackpot in the year 1 568 000 000 dollars. However, there were three lucky ones and the amount was divided, everyone got 528 million dollars.

The largest single win also belongs to Powerball. IN 2017 year the sole owner of a jackpot in the amount of 758,7 million dollars became a resident of Massachusetts.

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