What is the most winning lottery statistics in Russia?

12 schemes for winning the lottery - 100% result

Which lottery to choose

Solving, which lottery ticket is better to buy, need to know, what is the probability of winning, how is the lottery held, and how the results are announced. Fortunately, this information is publicly available on the Internet.

You can read reviews about the lottery on the site or comments on the video. How winners, so the losers willingly share their impressions after the game.

Check out several previous editions of the draw. At the beginning of the transmission, they usually say, how many tickets were issued, how many of their owners and how much to win after the announcement of the results.

Many experienced players claim, that the most honest lottery is, all tickets for which were sold prior to the drawing. The second condition is the selection of winning numbers by people. Game, in which the fate of people is determined by an automaton,picking balls, inspire less confidence in lottery participants.

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